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How much does it cost to rent a camper in New Zealand?

How much does it cost to rent a camper in New Zealand?

around $100-200 NZD per day
How much does it cost to rent a campervan in New Zealand? Renting a campervan in NZ costs around $100-200 NZD per day depending on the season you travel and the size of the camper.

Can you rent a camper van in New Zealand?

Hiring a campervan or motorhome in New Zealand Campervans and motorhomes are available for pick up from New Zealand’s main centres. Some companies will offer flexible pick up and drop off options, allowing you to travel from one point to another instead of a round trip.

Do you need a special license to drive a campervan in NZ?

Drivers licence With most campervans, a normal Class A (or Car) driver’s licence is sufficient to rent and drive them in New Zealand. You wouldn’t need a special licence class to drive them unless they exceed the normal size and weight limits of a car.

Can you camp for free NZ?

Freedom camping is permitted on public conservation land (owned by the Department of Conservation or DOC) and council land (owned by local authorities). Freedom camping on DOC land is generally permitted but with some exceptions. You cannot camp at a DOC reserve unless a sign allows it.

What do I need to know before hiring a campervan?

Hiring a campervan – 10 tips to help you

  • Check the Package Inclusions.
  • Ask about the Taxes.
  • Verify the License Requirement.
  • Know the Age Restriction.
  • Be Aware of the Excess.
  • Check If It Can Be Reduced.
  • Determine if You Need Travel Insurance.
  • Find out about the Depot Opening Hours.

How difficult is it to drive a campervan?

Driving a motorhome is easier than expected. If you are used to driving a car, and know the differences when driving a motorhome, you’ll be fine. Don’t drive too fast, and give yourself plenty of extra space. A lot of people lose perspective when driving a motorhome, which is big, wide and long.

What size camper van can you drive on a car licence?

To drive the smaller motorhomes and campervans weighing less than 3,500kg, your car driving licence (category B) will usually be sufficient. There is a date dependent (01/01/1997) change in the category that allows drivers who passed before that date to drive any vehicle and trailer combination up to 8,250kg MAM.

Can I park my campervan anywhere in New Zealand?

Camping sites can be found just anywhere in New Zealand. There are 1000s free and budget campsites where you are allowed to camp. They will give you the freedome to camp and to enjoy New Zealand’s amazing scenery.

Can you sleep in a camper van on the street?

As far as most motorhome and campervan experts can say, there is currently no specific legislation or law to prevent you from sleeping in a vehicle at the roadside.

Should you rent a campervan in New Zealand?

While there are not that many restrictions for renting a campervan in New Zealand, here are a couple that may affect you. You can rent a vehicle in New Zealand as long as you have a full valid drivers license that is written in English. If you don’t, make sure you get an International Driving Permit (IDP) to accompany your driving license.

How much does a campervan cost in New Zealand?

The cost of 14-day campervan hire in New Zealand in a Jucy Chaser is around $800 in the off-peak season. OUR OVERALL COST OF CAMPERVAN HIRE IN NEW ZEALAND. We hired the JUCY Condo (highly recommended) and paid $638NZD for 14 days campervan hire in New Zealand. Do-follow We Dream of Travel to see more from this photographer.

How to buy a campervan in New Zealand?

top tips for buying a campervan in new zealand Give yourself at least two weeks to find the perfect van. You can look at ads online for before arriving and could even book in some viewings, but you obviously won’t be able to see any vehicles until you arrive.

How to hire a campervan in New Zealand?

You may have to pay a bond (usually a couple of thousand dollars) which you will receive back when you return the vehicle in the same condition as you picked

  • There may be an added surcharge for being under 21
  • You may have to pay a higher charge than people who are over 21 years old if you cause damage to the car