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How much HP can a Mopar 383 make?

How much HP can a Mopar 383 make?

The affordable and underrated 383 gets a huge boost in the arm by Muscle Motors—to the tune of 559 hp and 611 lb-ft. The small engine in any car manufacturer’s portfolio has a hard time getting any respect, and the same is true within the Chrysler brand.

How much horsepower does a 383 stroker engine have?

The 383 stroker engines have been reported to achieve 330 horsepower with 410 foot-pounds of Torque, 395 horsepower with 410 foot-pounds of Torque and 395 horsepower with 410 foot-pounds of Torque.

How much can you bore a 383 Mopar?

Study the 383’s numbers compared to the popular engines of the competition. The 383 carries a bore and stroke of 4.25-inch x 3.375-inch, while the 396 Rat had an embarrassingly undersized bore of 4.094-inch, and a 3.766-inch stroke-as long an arm as a 440.

Is a 383 and a 440 the same block?

The major difference between these two Mopar legends is the deck height of the block: 9.98-inch for the 383 and 10.725-inch for the 440.

Is a 383 Mopar a small block or big block?

The 383 Chrysler B engine is known as the Mopar big block that nobody loves. Typically, gearheads favor its beefier big brother, the 440. The 383 B is characterized by its large cylinder bore of 4.25 inches with a short stroke of 3.375. (That is in comparison to the 440’s 3.75.)

What is a 383 Magnum engine?

From 1968-1970, the 383 Magnum was rated at 335 hp, although Mopar fans who remember these free-revving engines would compare seat-of-the-pants pull to the 440. Sporting the same heads and cam as the 440, but with a smaller displacement, the 383 certainly could be wound tighter.

How can you tell a 383 from a 440?

As stated above, the telltale sign of a 440 block over a 383 is the ID block on the 440 motor (see arrow pointing). The 383 does not have a pad in the same area. The casting numbers also verify it.

What fuel does a 383 stroker take?

So it all depends on how the engine is built. Anyways… you’re probably safe running 89 octane. Unless it’s a 10.5:1 compression or higher… then you’ll need to burn 92 octane.

How much will it cost to make a 383 Stroker?

To make a 383 out of it you’ll need it bored .30 over, usually around $100 to bore and hone it. Then you’ll need a new crankshaft with a 3.750″ Stroke, and you’ll also need the block clearanced for the stroker crank which is about $150 around here. I’m sure some of the older guys could correct me if I’m wrong.

What is the best transmission for a 383 Stroker?

TH400. This is an improvement over the TH350 and is more expensive than that model too.

  • Powerglide. This is a two gear performance model for light vehicles,those that weigh under 1800 lbs.
  • 700R4. If you have this,ditch the car and get a bicycle,this is not the best,it’s the worst transmission choice.
  • GM200.
  • 4L60-E.
  • What carb for a 383 Stoker?

    The Carburetor for a 383 Stroker is a 350 carb., but you would either want a 650 cfm or even more powerful 750 cfm carb for improved performance. Consider that the larger carb will be used mainly for racing applications. No lets mode one to the list of the top-rated carburetor for 383 Stroker small block engines.

    How to balance a 383 Stroker?

    Engine block

  • Crankshaft&rods
  • Rings
  • Timing chain
  • Oil pan
  • Gaskets