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How much is Ajani mentor of heroes worth?

How much is Ajani mentor of heroes worth?

Card Condition Price
Ajani, Mentor of Heroes G $7.50
Ajani, Mentor of Heroes VG $10.49
Ajani, Mentor of Heroes EX $11.99
Ajani, Mentor of Heroes NM $14.99

What set is Ajani mentor of heroes from?

Masters Edition
Journey into NyxSecret Lair Drop
Ajani, Mentor of Heroes/Sets

Is Ajani mentor of heroes good?

Ajani, Mentor of Heroes is a powerful effect, even if we’re not putting +1/+1 counters onto hexproof creatures. I’d like to build a top-end GW deck as well. The power of Ajani alongside Elspeth, Sun’s Champion is something that’s worth looking at. We could just play all the most powerful cards in green and white.

Is Ajani mentor of heroes legendary?

Ajani, Mentor of Heroes • Legendary Planeswalker — Ajani (Journey into Nyx) – MTG Assist.

How many Ajani Planeswalkers are there?

As of 5/9/2020, there are 12 different planeswalker variants of Ajani, each having their own abilities and specialties.

How much is Ajani Goldmane worth?

Card Condition Price
Ajani Goldmane G $2.75
Ajani Goldmane VG $3.84
Ajani Goldmane EX $4.39
Ajani Goldmane NM $5.49

Is Ajani dead MTG?

No, Ajani’s alive at present. “Last Stand” here just meant their final battle on Alara, hence why Ajani is fighting with an Avatar and the art shows them inside the Maelstrom.

How old is Ajani MTG?

But using this reasoning Ajani’s timeline puts him at… 4576, which means he’s -10 years old. Can anyone explain this?

How did Ajani lose his eye?

As Ajani let go, Tenoch dragged him over the ledge. Tenoch’s clothing snagged on the cliff, and although Ajani grabbed hold of his foot, the rival leonin dislodged him. Taking serious injuries in the fall, and with no other option, he vanished into the Blind Eternities.