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How much is the bus from Barcelona airport to city Centre?

How much is the bus from Barcelona airport to city Centre?

The Aerobus is a fast (35 minutes) and economical (5.90€) shuttle bus that connects Barcelona – El Prat airport (Terminals 1 and 2) with the city centre of Barcelona (Place de Catalunya).

Can you walk between terminals at Barcelona airport?

Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2) at Barcelona Airport are 4km apart. Therefore, if you need to go from one terminal to the other you will not be able to walk. Barcelona Airport provides free shuttle buses that run between the two terminals.

How do I pay Aerobus in Barcelona?

Payment machines for the Aerobus An Aerobus ticket machine. The ticket machines for the Aerobus are available at terminals T1 and T2 and are situated near the Aerobus stops. They are large and blue. They accept both cash and credit cards.

How much is a cab from Barcelona Airport to city Centre?

around 25.00-30.00€
Taxi Fares Fares are charged according to the hour and time of the day. The average cost to transfer from Barcelona Airport to the city center is around 25.00-30.00€.

How much is uber from Barcelona Airport to city?

Uber rides from Barcelona airport to the city centre range from €27-€35 on average, so they can be more affordable than taxis, but even if you do save some money, it won’t be a huge discount.

How much does taxi cost from Barcelona Airport to city Centre?

How do I change terminals at Barcelona Airport?

In order to get from one terminal to another, T1 to T2, or between terminals T2A, T2B and T2C, passengers and visitors can use the shuttle bus, a freebus transport service between the airport terminals, 24 hours a day. Shuttle bus frecuency (new schedule): from 0.00 am to 5.00 am every 20 minutes.

How much is the Barcelona Aerobus?

Barcelona Aerobus ticket prices start at €5,90 for a single ticket. It is €10,20 for a return ticket.

Does Barcelona card include Aerobus?

Hola Barcelona Aerobús offers unlimited travel on public transport for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days with the Hola Barcelona Travel Card, and also includes a return ticket from and to the airport on the Aerobús.

How do you get from Barcelona Airport to train station?

– 20 minute gap between transfers – Regular Car Sanitisation – Contactless ride – Sanitiser in every car

Which Barcelona Airport is closest to the city?

that the train only departs are from the T2 terminal

  • that if you arrive via Terminal T1 you will have to take the free shuttle bus which connects the two terminals: it is a green bus easily recognizable.
  • that Renfe is the name of the Spanish national railway company.
  • Where is the Sarfa bus stop at Barcelona Airport?

    Their Bus routes cover an area from the North (Portbou) with a stop at Portbou to the South (El Prat De Llobregat) with a stop at Barcelona, Aeroport Barcelona T1.Their most western stop is Barcelona, Aeroport Barcelona T1 (El Prat De Llobregat) and the most eastern stop is Cadaques (Cadaqués).

    How much is a taxi from the Barcelona Airport?

    The taxi ride from Barcelona airport to the city center should cost around €33. The minimum fare for service from the airport is €20, on top of which there is a fee of €3,10 plus a fee of €1 per item of luggage stored in the boot. After that, the fare is charged per kilometer. The journey should take around half an hour depending on traffic.