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How much is the full version of Cytus?

How much is the full version of Cytus?

Cytus costs $1.99 in iOS App Store and Lambda costs $11.99. Cytus is free to download on Google Play Store, following with some restrictions: cooldowns, the “Retry” button locked and ads, and users can unlock Chapters by purchasing through the game.

Is Cytus connected to Cytus 2?

Cytus II, the sequel to Cytus, takes place about seven hundred years after the establishment of the virtual Internet space Cytus (stylized as cyTus).

Does Cytus II cost money?

Cytus II is available for $1.99 on the App Store and on Google Play.

Is Cytus 2 free?

Cytus II, the acclaimed rhythm game from developer Rayark, is currently free.

Can you play Cytus 2 offline?

A bit of a tip, though, this game sometimes requires you to connect to the internet, especially if you haven’t been playing it that often, but afterward it’s 100% offline. You can also save your progress by syncing it with your Google Play account. Albeit Cytus, there’s none of that 30-second wait on every song.

What is the iM in cyTus 2?

The iM system is the social media platform in Cytus II. It is a mechanic for the game’s story progression and one method for unlocking new songs.

Is cyTus 2 GOOD?

Cytus II has it all: stunning animated visuals, intense and memorable gameplay, an immersive story, a wide variety of playable levels and a high quality soundtrack. If you love rhythm games and a good story, then Cytus II is definitely a game you should try.

Is cyTus 2 still free?

“Cytus II” is currently free for iOS and Android for a limited time, this is to celebrate the release of the version 4.0 update. The game can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play Store. Rayark Inc. is also known for developing “Cytus,” “Deemo,” and “VOEZ,” as well as publishing “MO: Astray” by Archpray Inc.

Can you play cyTus 2 offline?