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How old are Will and Zoey Arnold now?

How old are Will and Zoey Arnold now?

LITTLE Couple fans think Jen Arnold & Bill Klein’s kids Will, 12, and Zoey, 9, look “grown up” in new vacation photos. The TV children were most recently seen last year when they were quarantining at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Is Zoey from Little Couple a dwarf?

She has a form of dwarfism similar to her parents. Much like their adopted son Will, Zoey also has dwarfism.

Where is Jen and Bill now?

In a February 2021 update, Jen revealed that she and Bill “have indeed moved to Boston” and were “thankful that the move has gone well, and we’re excited about new schools, and new jobs, and just a whole new town in this adventure.”

Are Bill and Jen still together?

Despite all the ups and downs that Jennifer and Bill went through, the couple are now still together as husband and wife. The rest of the duo’s story will unfold on season 12 of the show, airing Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Was The Little Couple Cancelled?

While the show has yet to be officially renewed, the last time the series aired new episodes was in September 2019. It is a major possibility that the 2020 coronavirus pandemic may have impacted the show’s filming and halted production. However, there has also been no word of a cancellation either.

Did The Little Couple have a baby?

Can you believe it’s been almost 10 years since The Little Couple’s Jen Arnold and Bill Klein adopted their kids, William and Zoey? After struggling to conceive a biological child, the reality TV couple knew in their hearts that adoption was the best course of action.

Are The Little Couple divorcing?

Despite any speculation that they may have split amid Jen’s new job in Boston, the two are still married and going strong. In February 2021, Jen confirmed in an Instagram Live session about her hip surgery that they “have indeed moved to Boston and no, we are not separated or divorced.”

Are Bill and Jen still married?

Is Zoey Klein’s doll on the Little Couple creepy?

The Little Couple star Zoey Klein is still a young girl when it comes to things like her love of cute animals and dolls. In fact, she owns one particular animated doll that turns its head and blinks. Some TLC fans find it creepy – as the doll did this when Zoey recently read a book to it.

What happened to Zoey on ‘the bachelorette’ after moving home?

Zoey didn’t adapt to the new household immediately, though. According to People, she couldn’t get settled and didn’t want to do anything with her new parents, finding the sudden change from India to the U.S. incredibly difficult.

What does Zoey DeGeneres look like in 2022?

In the first snapshot, Zoey, 10, wore a pink jacket and a fedora hat as she rang in 2022 “in style.” She looked ready to party as she carried a long purple horn in her hand.

Did the little couple adopt a baby girl?

Although adopting their little girl was an arduous process, the proud parents and stars of The Little Couple have never looked back, with Jen telling The Wrap, “I always wanted a little girl. We always thought we wanted two kids in general.” The adoption wasn’t planned, however, as Jen explained to The Wrap.