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How old is Harrison Morgan?

How old is Harrison Morgan?

According to showrunner Clyde Phillips, Harrison Morgan who’s portrayed by Jack Alcott, is 16 years old in Dexter: New Blood (the season took place in real time).

What does Dexter do with Matt’s body?

Inspired by the bonfire, Dexter takes Matt’s body pieces and throws them in a factory incinerator, giving him relief. While driving through town, he wonders in his mind about his murder methods and problems when he sees a drunk Kurt outside the tavern.

Does Dexter: New Blood follow the books?

Production began in early 2021 ahead of a fall premiere. The ten-episode special event series brought back both Michael C. Hall and original showrunner Clyde Phillips, who exited Dexter after Season Four. Dexter: New Blood, developed by Clyde Phillips, is based on the Dexter Novels by Jeff Lindsay.

Who is Dexter Morgan married to in real life?

Jennifer Carpenter
Occupation Actress
Years active 1998–present
Known for Debra Morgan on Dexter and on Dexter: New Blood
Spouse(s) Michael C. Hall ​ ​ ( m. 2008; div. 2011)​ Seth Avett ​ ( m. 2016)​

Are Astor and Cody in the new Dexter?

Will Astor and Cody appear on the revival? Showrunner Clyde Phillips confirmed Astor and Cody won’t appear in Dexter: New Blood, but he imagines they are living happily. “They’re basically off in the world living their lives,” he told TV’s Top Five.

Who did Dexter put in the incinerator?

Dexter hides his body under his fire pit, but it can’t stay there. Knowing cadaver dogs will sniff him out, he has to put Matt somewhere he can’t be tracked. He ultimately decides in Dexter: New Blood Episode 3 to put the body in the town’s incinerator and burn it.

What does Jeff Lindsey think of Dexter: New Blood?

Dexter novelist Jeff Lindsay has praised the upcoming revival miniseries Dexter: New Blood, ahead of its release, after attending exclusive screening. Dexter novelist Jeff Lindsay has praised the series revival Dexter: New Blood in the build-up to its release.

Did Dexter and Deb date in real life?

According to Insider, the two stars were married for a while in real life. In 2007, Hall and Carpenter became romantically involved a year after the show debuted. They married the following year.