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How old is Leelavathi?

How old is Leelavathi?

About 85 years (1937)Leelavathi / Age

Is Vinod Raj a Malayali?

Vinod Raj was born as John Victor and was a native of Paramakudi, before running away from home to start a career in films. He was married to Rajeshwari, a sub-collector whose brother, Thyagarajan was an established director-actor in the Tamil film industry; with his son, actor Prashanth, being his nephew.

How old is Vinod Raj?

54 years (July 5, 1967)Vinod Raj / Age

When was Vinod Raj born?

July 5, 1967 (age 54 years)Vinod Raj / Date of birth

When was shivarajkumar born?

July 12, 1962 (age 59 years)Shiva Rajkumar / Date of birth

Who is Vinodraj father?

Mahalinga BhagavatharVinod Raj / Father

Who is the father of Kannada film industry?

Nonagenarian Kannada film actor Sadashiva Brahmavar, who passed away on September 19, will be remembered as a man who brought life to many a role of gentle, elderly men. Brahmavar, who was a theatre person, entered the celluloid world in 1973 through Hemavathi, directed by Siddalingaiah.

What is the real name of Arjun Sarja?

His real name is Arjun Sarja and his nickname is Arjun. He was born in Madhugiri, Mysore State (Now Karnataka), India. His hometown is Madhugiri, Mysore State (Now Karnataka), India. His zodiac sign is Cancer. Below the table, you can find everything about him.

How many daughters does Sarja Arjun have?

Sarja has two daughters, Aishwarya and Anjana. Aishwarya Arjun made her acting debut in 2013. Arjun’s father Shakti Prasad, a renowned actor of Kannada films, did not want his son to become an actor and turned down film offers that Arjun began to receive as a teenager.

What is the name of the Kannada film of Arjun Arjun?

Arjun made appearances in the bilingual film Sri Manjunatha (2001) and the Telugu film Hanuman Junction (2001). In 2012, he appeared in the Kannada film Prasad, which screened at the Berlin Film Festival.

Is Arjun Sarja in the movie Khiladi?

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