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How thick are Westalee rulers?

How thick are Westalee rulers?

Please note that while the low and medium shank ruler foot from Westalee comes with 3mm thick templates, many of our Westalee rulers and templates are only stocked in 4.5 mm thickness. Thicker rulers are easier to grip and keep in the proper place.

Where are Westalee rulers made?

Who are Westalee Design? Westalee Design’s Ruler Foot for Domestic Sewing Machines has found its way into homes around the world. It was manufactured and distributed in Australia and also manufactured and distributed in the USA by Sew Steady.

What is a quilters ruler?

The most common Quilting Rulers are: A long Ruler, 18″ to 24″ long, for cutting strips and to even up a quilt edge before binding. A Ruler to square up blocks. Start with a square ruler the same size as the blocks in your quilt with a diagonal line to help ensure the block is accurate.

Are the quilting rulers easy to use?

You might feel that you are lacking imagination, well rulers help here because they show you the shape to use and you don’t need to design it yourself. In my opinion ruler quilting is easier than free motion quilting as there is something to guide your stitching and design.

What quilting rulers do I need?

The Top 5 Basic Quilting Rulers

  • The Square-Up Ruler. You need at least one good square-up ruler when you begin making patchwork.
  • A Long Ruler (at least 18-24″ long)
  • A Ruler for Cutting Wider Strips.
  • A smaller ruler for trimming up (3″ x 7″)
  • An HST/QST Ruler.

What is the best quilting ruler to use?

Best Ruler for Quilting Reviews – Our 5 Favorites

  • #1: ARTEZA Acrylic Quilting Ruler.
  • #2: Omnigrid Square Value Pack Quilting Ruler.
  • #3: Fiskars Square Acrylic Quilting Rulers.
  • #4: Creative Grids Machine Quilter’s Rule Template.
  • #5: ARTEZA Quilting Ruler with Double Colored Grid Lines.

What do you get with the westalee design ruler work kit?

The ultimate quilting with templates starter set! Get everything you need to get started with the Westalee Design Ruler Work Kit. Kit includes Ruler Foot, Templates, and lots of education materials. Choose an option Add QAYG + FREE Quilt Bag! No Thanks, No QAYG / FREE Quilt Bag

What is the westalee sew steady ruler foot starter package low shank?

The Westalee Sew Steady Ruler Foot Starter Package Low Shank will allow you to ruler foot sew with your home machine just like the big longarm machines do. Included with the Westalee Sew Steady Ruler Foot Starter Package Low Shank: Low Shank Ruler Foot; Arc Template; Stable Tape; Spacing Gauge; Instruction Sheet.

What happened to westalee design au?

As of August 2019, Sew Steady is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of Westalee Design, AU. For the last four years Sew Steady has manufactured and distributed for Westalee Design, AU throughout the United States and Canada.

Where are westalee products made?

All of our products are proudly designed by Leonie in Australia, and are manufactured in Australia as well as at Sew Steady’s facility in the USA. Join the Westalee By Me private Facebook group and get design ideas by quilters using their tools all over the world.