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How will the Belo Monte Dam affect indigenous peoples?

How will the Belo Monte Dam affect indigenous peoples?

The livelihoods of thousands of tribal people who depend on the forest and river for food and water could be destroyed. The influx of immigrants to the area during the construction of the dam threatens to introduce violence to the area and bring diseases to these Indians, putting their lives at risk.

What impact has the Belo Monte Dam had?

Belo Monte’s reservoir, filled at the end of 2015, flooded 260 square miles of lowlands and forest, displaced more than 20,000 people, and caused extensive damage to a river ecosystem that contains more than 500 fish species, many of them found nowhere else.

What is the current status of the Belo Monte Dam?

The Belo Monte Dam (formerly known as Kararaô) is a hydroelectric dam complex on the northern part of the Xingu River in the state of Pará, Brazil….

Belo Monte Dam
Status Operational
Construction began 2011
Opening date 2016
Construction cost US$18.5 billion (estimated)

What concerns do engineers have about the Belo Monte Dam?

Fearnside writes that: “The proposed Belo Monte Dam is particularly controversial because five planned dams upstream of Belo Monte, including the 6140-square kilometer [2370-square mile] Altamira/Babaquara Dam, would have especially grave impacts, including flooding indigenous land, destroying tropical rainforest, and …

How many people did the Belo Monte Dam displace?

20,000 people
As one of more than 60 large dams being planned for the Brazilian Amazon, Belo Monte would divert the flow of the Xingu River and devastate an extensive area of the Brazilian rainforest, displacing over 20,000 people and threatening the survival of indigenous peoples.

Why does Brazil’s government want to build the dam?

The proposed construction of the Belo Monte dam in the Amazon state of Para is part of a major government investment drive to help the country keep up with soaring energy demand from a rapidly expanding economy, while curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Hydroelectric power produces no direct carbon dioxide.

Why are they building the Belo Monte Dam?

Why does Brazil government want to build the dam?