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Is Atcl a diploma?

Is Atcl a diploma?

Levels offered Performance Diplomas are available at three levels: ATCL: equivalent in standard to the first year recital of an undergraduate degree. LTCL: equivalent in standard to the final year recital of an undergraduate degree.

What is a Trinity diploma?

They are diplomas awarded by Trinity Guildhall. At a glance: Trinity began offering examinations in music to external students in 1877, and later expanded its provision to offer examinations in other areas of the performing arts.

How long do Trinity Diploma results take?

Marking of diplomas usually takes 4 weeks, and if there are further checks to be made, can take up to 8 weeks (your account will show as In Review if this is the case). Log back into your account, to read the feedback from the examiner and see your provisional result.

Is LTCL equivalent to a degree?

Equivalent to an American Associate degree. An ATCL plus the Licentiate is equivalent to a Bachelor degree. A Bachelor degree plus the LTCL is equivalent to the Graduate Performance Diploma or 3 years of graduate studies from an American conservatory or university in the examined subject.

What is the ARSM exam?

ARSM is a performance-focused diploma for learners beyond Grade 8 level. Working towards an ARSM provides motivation, structure and feedback for developing musicians, and successful candidates can use the letters ARSM after their name.

What is the pass mark for Trinity exams?

Mark bands

Mark band Song 1 Song 3
Merit 19 22
Pass 15 18
Below Pass 1 11 14
Below Pass 2 below 11 below 14

How are Trinity exams marked?

Trinity’s graded music exams are assessed by external examiners trained and moderated by Trinity. Examiners provide marks and comments using the assessment criteria on pages 18–23. The exams are marked out of 100. Candidates’ results correspond to different attainment levels as shown in the next column.

How do I submit my Trinity exam video?

Submission of your video is in your control – upload your exam at a time and place that suits you. Your local representative will be able to advise you of your specific submission window and your assessment can be uploaded at any point during that time frame.