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Is Avion a good tequila?

Is Avion a good tequila?

Based on 89 votes, the average rating for Avion Anejo Tequila is 8.6/10. ― Wow oh wow this is nice – so smooth and delicate and delicious. So nice to sip – recommend this one highly! Avion Anejo Tequila which is carefully distilled at Avion is adored for its agave, vanilla, maple and oak flavor notes.

Is Avion real tequila?

A tequila born from agave grown at the highest elevations in Jesus Maria, Jalisco, and forged through the vibrancy of a modern Mexico.

Is Avion a tequila or vodka?

In Jalisco, Mexico, Avión Tequila is made from exceptional Avión Agave, which grows at the highest elevations….Is Avion A Tequila Or Vodka?

Type Premium tequila
Proof (US) 80
Colour Reposado (aged six months), Silver and Añejo (aged two years)
Website Tequila Avion

Who is Avion tequila made by?

Tequila Avión (NOM 1416, DOT 138) is produced in Jalisco, Mexico, from the Agave grown at the highest elevations….Avión tequila.

Type Premium tequila
Distributor Avión Spirits LLC
Country of origin Mexico
Introduced 2009

Is Avion Tequila top shelf?

Yes, Tequila Avión is top shelf, particularly Reserva 44.

Is Avion better than Patron?

Patron SIlver is a better tequila than Avion as it has a more traditional tequila flavor while Avion offers foreign flavors to tequila making me believe it has been artificially sweetened.

Does Mark Cuban own Avion tequila?

The show’s back story for Tequila Avion is fiction (Turtle isn’t their brand rep and Marc Cuban isn’t on the hunt to buy the company) but the tequila is very real. In the real world, Tequila Avion is based in New York City and run by Ken Austin a former Senior Vice President of Seagram’s and CMO of Marquis Jet.