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Is bagoong a sauce?

Is bagoong a sauce?

Bagoong (pronounced “bah-goh-ong”), or bagoong monamon, is a fish sauce used as a popular condiment in the Philippines. It is also used in Hawaii and other regions of the Pacific.

What does bagoong taste like?

Despite it being relatively pungent, its complex taste and combination of salty, sweet and umami flavors make it a staple in the Filipino kitchen. If you’ve had your fair share of classic Filipino specials, you might have already tasted bagoong alamang with your Kare-kare or Pinakbet.

Is bagoong unhealthy?

But did you know that despite the smell and look of this condiment, Bagoong Alamang has a hidden health benefit? It contains a high level of essential fatty acid like D.H.A and polyunsaturated fatty acid. These acids have a beneficial effect on human health.

What is bagoong sauce made from?

The liquid byproduct is drawn off and used as a sauce called patis. Different areas of the Philippines have their own version of bagoóng. For example, the Ilocos region has its bagoóng terong, which is made with bonnetmouth fish. Another Ilocano bagoong is bugguong munamon, made from anchovies.

What is bagoong in the Philippines?

The preparation of bagoóng can vary regionally in the Philippines. Bagoóng is usually made from a variety of fish species, including the following: Bagoóng made from fish is encompassed by the term bagoóng isdâ (lit. “fish bagoong”) in Luzon and northern parts of the Visayas.

What is bagoong made from anchovies called?

Those made from anchovies are generally known as bagoong monamon or bagoong dilis and those from bonnetmouths as bagoong terong. In the southern Visayas and Mindanao, fish bagoong made from anchovies is known as guinamos (also spelled ginamos ). Larger fermented fish are known as tinabal. Bagoong can also be made from krill.

Is bagoong an exotic dish?

Over the centuries, western unfamiliarity with bagoong has given it a reputation as an “exotic” dish, portrayed in a positive or negative light depending on the point of view of the writer.