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Is Bushwick a good neighborhood?

Is Bushwick a good neighborhood?

Bushwick has long ditched its old “crime-laden”, rough reputation. Last year it was ranked second on Property Shark’s top 2017 “Real Estate Pros Choose NYC’s Hottest Neighborhoods”.

Is Bushwick a hipster?

Starting off this list with one of the most popular and affordable neighborhoods on the rise, Bushwick is Brooklyn’s newest hipster area. Young artists and creative types priced out of Williamsburg have migrated east to a neighborhood full of cheap vintage stores, coffee shops, cocktail bars and artist-run galleries.

What is the Bushwick neighborhood?

With its name derived from the Dutch word, “boswijck,” which means “little town in the words,” Bushwick is located in northern Brooklyn. It’s adjacent to the Brooklyn neighborhoods of East Williamsburg and Bed-Stuy and the Queens neighborhood of Rosewood.

What is Bushwick known for?

Bushwick has become one of the places known for ‘where the cool kids hang out’ because of the artists and eclectic community that have invaded this historically Hispanic neighborhood for more affordable industrial artist spaces and with the popularity and sky rocketing prices of neighboring Williamsburg.

Is Bushwick dirty?

Bushwick is one of the most littered places in all of New York City. In 2017, the neighborhood had some of the lowest rates of “acceptably clean” sidewalks and streets of any community district, according to data from the Department of Sanitation.

Is Bushwick sketchy?

Bushwick is historically one of the more dangerous parts of NYC, and even today we see our share of crime. But the fact is that crime rates in Bushwick are, overall, decreasing, as reported by police. They’ve been on a downward track for the better part of 25 years.

Is Bushwick rough?

What type of people live in Bushwick?

According to City-Data, Bushwick has approximately 83,000 inhabitants in the area of 1.305 square miles. Roughly 50 percent of Bushwick’s population is Hispanic. The black population comprises just over 20 percent. The rest is Asian, white, or mixed race.

Is Bushwick safe in 2021?

According to crime data provided by the NYC Crime Map, which covers “major” crimes, including murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, grand larceny and burglary, Bushwick has experienced about 16 crimes per 1,000 residents over the past year, from October 2020 through October 2021.