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Is Diff oil same as shock oil?

Is Diff oil same as shock oil?

There is no difference between diff and shock oil other than viscosity. Certain companies use certain ratings for both shock and diff oil. US-based companies like AE and Losi, rate their oils in weights. Many overseas companies like Mugen and Xray rate their oils in cst.

What is the weight of shock oil?

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Material Silicone
Item Weight 0.02 Pounds
Item Form Oil

What can be used for shock oil?

Various types of oils can be used as RC shock oil alternatives. But the key factor you have to note is their viscosity. If they fit with your RC and deliver satisfactory performance then you are good to go. These alternatives can be automotive transmission oil, power steering oil, motor oil, cooking oil, etc.

What is WT shock oil?

The thickness of the oil is stated in cst or WT. The greater the number, the thicker the oil.

Can you use diff oil in shocks?

Shock fluid is not meant to be used at the same viscosity as diff fluid. Your gears would just fling it off and it would serve no purpose.

Is traxxas diff oil silicone?

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Material Oil, Silicone
Brand Traxxas
Item Weight 0.02 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH 12 x 12 x 5 inches

What weight is Tamiya yellow shock oil?

Yellow #400 soft 0.9cc bottle.

What can I use instead of RC shock oil?

Back in the day we used to run automotive oil. you could buy a bottle of SAE 30wt for a buck and could do hundreds of shocks. The seals werent harmed by it, the shock seals are the same compound used in rubber style valve cover gaskets, and it never hurt them!

Can I use engine oil in RC shocks?

It will work in a pinch and won’t hurt anything in the shock. I’ve seen guys use everything from motor oil to peanut oil. If you’re just bashing it will most likely be fine but you will find that having specific wt shock oils will really help when trying to dial in a suspension setup.

What is the difference in RC shock oil?

However, using proper oils can prolong a shock’s lifespan. Hence, it’s important to use the correct shock oil weight in your RC vehicle….RC Shock Oil Weight Conversion.

CentiStokes (CST) Weight ( Wt) Approximate Weight ( Wt)
250 25 22.5
300 30 27.5
350 35 32.5
500 50 47.5

What does WT mean for oil?

Oil weight is a term used to describe the viscosity of an oil, which means how well it flows at a specific temperature. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) assigns a viscosity number, or weight, to oil based on its flow at 210 degrees F, which is roughly the standard operating temperature for most motors.

Can you use RC diff oil in shocks?

Well-Known Member. They’re both silicone based, but diff oils are much thicker. 3000cst would be too thick to flow through the shock piston holes satisfyingly. The shock would be too hard.