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Is Emlyon a good business school?

Is Emlyon a good business school?

emlyon business school is ranked among the top 100 best universities and business schools of the world, in the latest Shanghai ranking. In the Management category, the School reaches the top 3 of best French business schools, behind Insead and HEC.

What is an international MBA?

IMBA stands for International Master of Business Administration. The program features the curriculum and academic training of a traditional MBA; however, it differs by focusing on international business relations, cultures and practices. An IMBA can open doors for both aspiring and established business leaders.

How do I apply for Emlyon?

Admissions Requirements

  1. University Degree (minimum Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent Bac +4)
  2. Minimum 3 years’ work experience.
  3. GMAT, GRE or TAGE MAGE Score (You can send your scores directly to us using our codes: GMAT/MBW-FX-70 and GRE/0761)
  4. English proficiency score (TOEIC or TOEFL or IELTS or Cambridge CPE or PTE)

Is Emlyon a public school?

In September 2018, Emlyon Business School, historically belonging to the Lyon Métropole Saint-Étienne Roanne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), became a public limited company.

Is emlyon business school hard to get into?

Emlyon Business School has an acceptance rate of 40% making it a selective b-school.

Is Essec a good business school?

Among the leading higher education institutions in management, ESSEC features at the top of numerous national and international rankings. These results underline the School’s assets, notably the quality of its programmes, its graduates and the professional perspectives open to them.

What is the difference between MBA and International MBA?

The simplest way to describe the differences between the two programs is the typical background of students. Most MBA programs require a minimum of three years’ work experience, whereas Master of International Business programs are open to those with no work experience.

Does Emlyon need GMAT?

Entrance exams scores are required for Emlyon Business School MiM like the GRE/GMAT score. The applicant is recommended that a strong essay, LOR, and other transcripts help you gain admission at Emlyon Business School. GMAT/GRE scores are also required.

Why is Emlyon?

EMLYON Business School is a leading French institution based in Lyon, founded in 1872 by the local business community. Nowadays, it has an impressive five additional international campuses in Saint-Etienne, Shanghai, Casablanca, Bhubaneswar, and Paris.

How do you get into HEC Paris?


  1. In order to apply, you must have completed an undergraduate program at an accredited university.
  2. HEC does not have an absolute requirement for the number of years of work experience, yet along with an undergraduate degree, we strongly encourage at least 2 years of professional experience.

Which is better Insead or ESSEC?

At INSEAD, students all have several years of work experience, which is not the case at ESSEC. So depending on your background, one could suit you better than the other. INSEAD has the best placement in consulting (43%) and is with IE the most global MBA in terms of student-body.

Why choose EMLYON Business School?

At emlyon business school, we take an applicant’s entire potential into account. Elements like motivation to pursue an MBA, your background and professional project weigh just as heavily in our selection procedure.

How do I apply for an MBA?

Start your application through our Online Application Portal which you will find on our website. Here you will complete information on your academic and professional background as well as motivations behind joining the MBA. You will also be asked to attach your supporting documents.

Should you get an MBA in an international school?

“When you think to go abroad and to pursue an MBA in an international school, you’re looking for as many international encounters as you can have, in order to maximize your network. At emlyon we had a lot of opportunities to go abroad on field trips and even work with international companies during our Entrepreneurial Leadership Project.”

How does EMLYON choose the right participant?

Selecting the right participant is about more than just test scores. At emlyon business school, we take an applicant’s entire potential into account. Elements like motivation to pursue an MBA, your background and professional project weigh just as heavily in our selection procedure.