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Is Henri Toivonen still alive?

Is Henri Toivonen still alive?

May 2, 1986Henri Toivonen / Date of death

How old was Henri Toivonen when he died?

29 years (1956–1986)Henri Toivonen / Age at death

When did Group B rally end?

There were no restrictions on boost, resulting in the power output of the winning cars increasing from 250 hp in 1981, to there being at least two cars producing in excess of 500 by 1986, the final year of Group B in rally.

What was Group s?

Group S was destined to take over in the late eighties but was never meant to be. From early on, it was Audi and Lancia who dominated the sport. Just a few years prior to the introduction of Group B, Audi would introduce the Quattro four-wheel-drive system to rallying, and it blow the competition out of the water.

Where did Henri Toivonen crash?

Arrondissement de Corte, FranceHenri Toivonen / Place of death

Does Group B rally still exist?

On 2 May 1986, Henri Toivonen, his co-driver Sergio Cresto, and Group B rally cars died on this corner. To look it at it out of context, it’s a treacherous left-hander with a drop so vast the sun can’t make its way through the trees to the bottom.

What was the most powerful Group B rally car?

Despite weighing only 2,600lbs, the RS200 put down a whopping 600hp and 400ft-lbs of torque, giving it a ridiculously potent power-to-weight ratio and making it one of the fastest cars of the Group B era — as well as one of the most iconic.

Did Group B have roll cages?

That event put the Group B cars’ safety under review by the FISA. It was determined that, even though the Lancia 037 was designed to be very lightweight, there was sufficient protection from the aluminium roll cage albeit it was weakest at its sides and front (exactly where Bettega’s car hit the tree).

What killed Group B?

Group B was the World Rally Championship’s most famous era and produced the most spectacular cars. But Group B’s time was effectively ended when Henri Toivonen and co-driver Sergio Cresto were killed in a crash on the Tour of Corsica in 1986.

What caused Group B rally end?

Are rally cars today faster than Group B?

This all means that, even though WRC cars make only about 60-65% (even more since 2017) of the power of the best Group B cars, they are ultimately faster around a rally stage and post better times.