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Is Maspalomas warm in January?

Is Maspalomas warm in January?

Even though January is right in the middle of the winter, the month is characterized by constant daily high temperatures with the average daily temperature in Maspalomas at 17°C (63°F), which can reach highs of 20°C (68°F) or drop to lows of 14°C (57°F). The average temperature of the sea during this month is 19°C.

Is January a good time to visit Gran Canaria?

If you are looking for a budget holiday to Gran Canaria you should avoid the high seasons, especially the months of July, August and December and January, when prices are at their highest level.

Is it warm enough to sunbathe in Gran Canaria in January?

The temperatures during the day in January are between 20°C and 23°C, which means that when the sun is out you can sunbathe comfortably and work on your tan.

Which is the warmest part of Gran Canaria in January?

The warmest resorts in January are Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas, Costa Adeje and Puerto de Santiago.

Which Canary Island is hottest in January?

January is the depths of winter in the Canary Islands, but it’s still a whole lot warmer than in the UK. Well worth the four hours flying time! Gran Canaria is the hottest of the islands in January.

What is Gran Canaria like in January?

January’s one of the wettest months of the year, but there’s still not much rain. Gran Canaria’s nice and warm in January, with an average high temperature of 21ºC, although you’ll want to bring some warmer clothes for the evenings as it can get a bit cool. The expected sea temperature’s 19ºC, while humidity’s low.

What is the weather like in Gran Canaria in January and February?

Along the coasts, and therefore also in the largest cities, such as Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Ingenio and Telde, daytime temperatures are very mild in winter, with highs around 21 °C (70 °F) in January and February, and warm in summer, with highs around 27/28 °C (81/82 °F) from July to September.

Is Maspalomas windy?

Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas beach can b a bit blowy in August but you can sit on them in comfort most days. If you get windy day, just hed round the coast to Amadores or Anfi beach instead. They are always calm.

Can you swim in Canary Islands in January?

In january in the Canary Islands swimming conditions are generally the same everywhere. Swimming in january in Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Gomera, Gran Canaria and La Palma is possible but the sea is generally cool. So though the sea temperature may sometimes reach 72°F, it can also go as low as 66°F.