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Is Nissan Pixo a reliable car?

Is Nissan Pixo a reliable car?

Basic, tried-and-tested mechanicals mean reliability shouldn’t be an issue for the Nissan Pixo – yet crash-test performance is less impressive. The Pixo itself hasn’t been tested by Euro NCAP, but its almost-identical sister car the Suzuki Alto has – and was only awarded three out of a possible five stars.

Do they still make Nissan Pixo?

Nissan has ended production of its Pixo city car.

How many miles to the gallon does a Nissan Pixo do?

Good on fuel, 48 mpg around town.

Are Nissan Pixo and Suzuki Alto the same?

Underneath the boxy bodywork, the Pixo is mechanically identical to the new Suzuki Alto it’s even built by Suzuki on Nissan’s behalf.

What car is a pixo?

Overall. The Nissan Pixo emerges as one of those models that’s a better buy used than new. While it’s certainly not a great car, the Pixo does have one thing in its favour. In an age when even small cars can feel stodgy and dull, it’s a hoot to drive.

Who makes the Nissan Pixo?

Nissan Pixo rivals Nissan has teamed up with fellow Japanese manufacturer Suzuki to produce the small Pixo. It’s the sister car to the Suzuki Alto and the two are identical inside – although a different grille and headlights make it easy to tell them apart.

Does Nissan Pixo have central locking?

That means that you can get a Pixo – admittedly without electric windows, folding rear seats or remote central locking – more cheaply than the entry-level Alto.

What car is a Pixo?

How many seats does the Nissan Pixo have?

Cabin & Luggage

Doors 5
Seats 4
Luggage Capacity 129 litres
Unbraked Towing Weight 100kg
Braked Towing Weight 200kg

What car is the same as Suzuki Alto?

The Suzuki Alto is closely related to the now-discontinued Nissan Pixo and is a rival for the Peugeot 108 and Toyota Aygo.

Does a Nissan Pixo have Isofix?

You get Isofix child seat points and an MP3 CD player as standard on the entry-level model; there’s no air con, but for this sort of money you can forgive that.

Does Nissan Pixo have air conditioning?

That is good value for money but the Pixo has been made with a no-frills approach to engineering and design, so don’t expect anything too exciting. That said, top-specification Tekna models do come with some decent equipment, including air-conditioning and stability control as standard.