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Is Prince Louis of Conde real?

Is Prince Louis of Condé real?

Louis I de Bourbon, prince de Condé, (born May 7, 1530, Vendôme, France—died March 13, 1569, Jarnac), military leader of the Huguenots in the first decade of France’s Wars of Religion. He was the leading adult prince of the French blood royal on the Huguenot side (apart from the king of Navarre).

Did Prince Condé become king Louis of France?

Louis de Bourbon, Prince of Condé (7 May 1530 – 13 March 1569) was a prominent Huguenot leader and general, the founder of the Condé branch of the House of Bourbon….Louis, Prince of Condé (1530–1569)

Louis de Bourbon
Prince of Condé
Born 7 May 1530 Vendôme
Died 13 March 1569 (aged 38) Jarnac
Spouse Éléanore de Roucy Françoise d’Orléans

Who did Prince Condé marry?

Françoise d’Orléans-Longuevillem. 1565–1569
Eléanor de Royem. 1551–1564
Louis, Prince of Condé/Spouse

What happens to Condé on reign?

He died in the Battle of Jarnac in 1569. In 1560, he was involved in the Conspiracy of Amboise- a plot by Protestants to kidnap Francis and usurp the House of Guise who were the leaders of the Catholic party. The plot was a failure and many protestants were massacred.

Where is the House of Bourbon-Condé?

The Most Serene House of Bourbon-Condé (pronounced), named after Condé-en-Brie now in the Aisne département, was a French princely house and a cadet branch of the House of Bourbon.

Who was the head of the House of Bourbon?

After the extinction in 1527 of the Dukes of Bourbon, François’s son Charles (1489–1537) became head of the House of Bourbon, which traces its male-line descent from Robert, Count of Clermont (1256–1318), a younger son of France’s Saint-King Louis IX.

How did Condé-en-Brie become part of the Bourbon-Vendôme patrimony?

It had passed from the sires of Avesnes, to the Counts of St. Pol. When Marie de Luxembourg-St. Pol wed François, Count of Vendôme (1470–1495) in 1487, Condé-en-Brie became part of the Bourbon-Vendôme patrimony.

What was the Great House of Condé?

The great house of Condé, with its ramifications of Soissons and of Conti, was descended from Louis, prince de Condé, one of Henry IV’s uncles. Henry IV’s heirs were kings of France uninterruptedly from 1610 to 1792, when the monarchy was “suspended” during the first Revolution.