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Is Sestriere good for beginners?

Is Sestriere good for beginners?

Sestriere Skiing and Snowboarding The local slopes are home to an excellent beginner zone at the edge of the village, from which there is good progression on to longer blues.

Is Sestriere still open?

In 2006, the Olympic Winter Games of Turin were held at the cross-border ski resort of Via Lattea (Milky Way). The ski region stretches from the Italian Sestrière up to the French Montgenèvre….Operating times.

Current season: 2022-12-03 – 2023-04-23
General season: early December – mid April
Opening times: 09:00 – 16:30

Is Sestriere good for kids?

The Leo Monthy children’s area is located very centrally in Sestrière and offers a magic carpet as well as child-friendly elements for learning to ski in a playful way.

Which airport is closest to Sestriere?

Turin – Caselle
The nearest airport is Turin – Caselle (TRN) Location: 16km North of Turin, 90km east from Sestriere.

What altitude is Sestriere?

6,677′Sestriere / Elevation

What is the highest ski resort in Italy?

Cervinia is the highest ski resort in Italy located at over 2,000m in the peaks of the Alps. Its slopes proudly offer up the highest skiing in Europe across its well-linked terrain that merges with the neighbouring Zermatt.

Can you ski from Sestriere to Montgenevre?

Sauze d’Oulx is part of the Via Lattea ski area often referred to as the Milky Way. The area covers other resorts including Sestriere and the French ski resort of Montgenevre. It is possible to ski over to Montgenevre and back in one day if you are a competent intermediate skier.

Where is the Milky Way ski resort?

The Milky Way, or Via Lattea, straddles France and Italy and consists of six separate ski resorts offering something for everyone. It embraces 400km of combined slopes, and Sestriere is the highest resort at 2035m.