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Is Silver St. Cloud a villain in Gotham?

Is Silver St. Cloud a villain in Gotham?

Silver St. Cloud makes her live-action debut in the television series Gotham. In the second season she appears as the love interest to Bruce Wayne, but is secretly an antagonist and a member of the Dumas family, working with her uncle Theo Galavan to take down the Wayne family for outing their ancestors centuries ago.

Who does Silver St. Cloud become?

After her father’s passing, she became the ward of Theo Galavan and studied abroad in Geneva and Switzerland. After two years, she returned to Gotham City where she was recruited for Galavan’s criminal asirations.

What did Bruce Wayne whisper to silver?

He said he whispered that he”never met anyone like her, that he trusted her with his life, that he felt tied to her in a way he’d never felt, and would never change. Like you said, the best liars tell the truth.” “That was the truth?” she asked.

What happens to Silver St. Cloud Gotham?

Cloud will achieve her nefarious goals, but her comics counterpart certainly didn’t. That St. Cloud died after having her throat slit by the villain Onomatopoeia.

Did silver actually like Bruce?

In the comics, Silver St. Cloud and Bruce Wayne were quickly in love, with Bruce actually asking her to marry him. However, after Silver discovered his secret identity as Batman, she broke it off with him.

Who is silver to Batman?

Film. In the original script for the 1989 film Batman, written by Tom Mankiewicz, Silver St. Cloud was Bruce Wayne’s love interest but working for crime boss Rupert Thorne.

Where did Bruce go for 10 years?

In the finale, Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham after a 10-year time jump, during which time Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) has served as police commissioner. ainsi Where did Bruce Wayne go in Gotham? Leaving Gotham for Switzerland for several weeks afterward, Bruce had Alfred drive him around in search of Selina.

Who does Bridget become in Gotham?

Ted Carson’s protégé Bridgit Pike (a character introduced in the TV series Gotham) adopts the identity of Lady Firefly. She first appeared in Detective Comics #988 (September 2018) and was created by James Robinson and Stephen Segovia.

Why did Bruce burn himself in Gotham?

3 Hated Him: Torturing Himself After the death of his parents, Bruce decided that he needed to be more resilient, both mentally and physically. Watching an 8-year-old boy trying to burn himself and sitting in a swimming pool until he nearly drowns is frustrating to see as everyone fears for his wellbeing.

Who trained Richard Dragon?

Before he could get away, Dragon was caught and beaten by the dojo’s teenage student, Ben Turner. O-Sensei, the dojo’s master, saw something worth nurturing in Richard, and for the next seven years taught Ben and Richard, side by side, mastery of the martial arts.

Who is Bruce Wayne’s twin in Gotham?

514A, a.k.a Bruce Wayne’s doppelgänger, is a clone of Bruce Wayne created in Indian Hill. He escaped into Gotham City, along with Professor Hugo Strange’s other experiments thanks to Fish Mooney.

Who did The Goldbergs star join Gotham?

“The Goldbergs’ star joins Gotham as Silver St. Cloud”. ^ Matt Webb Mitovich (June 26, 2015). “Exclusive Gotham Season 2 Casts Jessica Lucas as the Bullwhip-Cracking Tigress”. ^ Andreeva, Nellie (March 6, 2015).

What happened to silver in Batman and the Joker?

Silver witnesses Batman fighting the Joker. After defeating the Joker, Batman meets with Silver. She reveals to Batman that she knows his secret and that she still loves him. She says that she could not be with him because she could not stand worrying about him each night. She then ends the relationship, asking him not to see her again.

Who is Silver St Cloud on’Gotham’?

The character was ranked 64th in Comics Buyer’s Guide’s “100 Sexiest Women in Comics” list. Silver St. Cloud appears in Season 2 of Gotham, portrayed by Natalie Alyn Lind.

Who is playing Harvey Dent in Gotham?

“Gotham Scoop: Nicholas D’Agosto Joins Fox Drama as Harvey Dent”. TVLine. Retrieved October 3, 2014. ^ “‘Gotham’ Season 2 will make Harvey Dent a regular”.