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Is smart gardener free?

Is smart gardener free?

Smart Gardener is a garden planner and mentor all in one. You will need to sign in and create a free account, but the ability to customize and create down to the exact vegetable variety is unmatched. The planner gives you growing information, buying information, and square footage advice.

Are there any garden planning apps?

The 7 Best Virtual Garden Planners to Cultivate Your Green Thumb

  • Armitage’s Great Garden Plants. Allan Armitage.
  • Kitchen Garden Planner at Gardener’s Supply. Gardener’s Supply.
  • Garden Manager. Garden Manager.
  • Garden Planner. Garden Planner.
  • Garden Planner at Territorial Seed.
  • SmartGardener.
  • Gardena My Garden Planner.

How do I plan a square foot garden?

The concept of Square Foot Gardening is very simple: to create a small garden bed with the size of 4 feet by 4 feet or 4 feet by 8 feet and dividing it into different grids of 1-foot square. The seeds or the seedlings of each vegetable of your choice are then planted into the small squares.

What is smart gardener?

“Smart Gardener provides you with a highly personalized Garden Plan, customized Weekly To Do list, interactive Journal and relevant information based entirely on your personal growing conditions and seasons, garden layout, household size, and food tastes,” says Kristee Rosendahl, founder and CEO.

Is there a free garden planning software?

The free garden planning software also keeps garden journal for you so you’ll have past gardening information at your fingertips for future reference. You can enter photos and notes into the garden journal, but all pertinent information will be journaled for you, a big plus for busy home gardeners!

What can you do with a garden design app?

With this web-based application, you can drag and drop plants and any other garden element exactly where you want it. Add in ponds or design taps to water your plants, and print your design to implement it in real life. You can even use the pre-designed gardens if you’re not sure where to start.

What are the best online resources for planning a garden?

Expert advice and several gardening resources, including pest and disease control advice, are also available through this software. Vegetable garden planner provides a grid for planning a vegetable garden online that is customized for your household’s needs and growing zones.

What is the old farmer’s Almanac vegetable garden planner software?

The Old Farmer’s Almanac vegetable Garden Planner Software has been helping people with everything from starting a vegetable garden to preserving their vegetable harvest for years.