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Is Tarsar Marsar trek difficult?

Is Tarsar Marsar trek difficult?

The difficulty level of the Kashmir Tarsar Marsar trek is moderate where the steep ascent will be there to pass and followed by a descent and then a gentle ascent to Sundarsar. This trek comprises two high-altitude alpine lakes, Tarsar and Marsar, situated at an altitude of 13500 ft.

Is Tarsar Marsar a Himalayan trek?

Kashmir tarsar Marsar lake trek ,Region:North India Jammu and Kashmir District Anantnag,Himalayan Range,Duration: 7 days, Trekking Altitude 4000 meters, Grade cross country High Altitude Moderate, trekking Distance: Aru valley to sumbal sonamarg 55 km,Temperature 15 (°C) to 25 (°C) in summers, Best time for trek June …

Where is Tarsar Marsar located?

of Jammu and Kashmir
Tarsar and Marsar Lake | Pulwama District, Government of Jammu and Kashmir | India.

What is the depth of Tarsar Lake?

We see this lake from an overhang, sitting 600–700 ft below.

How do you get to Marsar Lake?

How to reach Marsar Lake? Marsar Lake can be reached by a trek whose route starts from Aru Valley, continues to Lidderwat Valley and crosses dense green Shekhawas mountains before finally reaching the lake.

How do I get to Gangabal Lake?

How to Reach? The Gangabal lake is approached from Srinagar 45 kilometres by road via Ganderbal up to Naranag and then a trek of 15 kilometres upslopes leads to the lake, which can be covered by a horse ride or by foot. The shepherds and gujjars can be seen during the trek with their flocks of sheep and goats.

Where is sheshnag?

Jammu and Kashmir
Sheshnag Lake (Urdu pronunciation: [ʃeːʃnaːɡ] ; Kashmiri pronunciation: [ʃiːʃinaːɡ]) is an alpine high altitude oligotrophic lake located in Anantnag district of Kashmir Valley in Jammu and Kashmir, India at an elevation of 3590 meters.

Which is the deepest lake in Kashmir?

The name Manasbal is said to be a derivative of the Lake Manasarovar. Lake is encircled by three villages viz., Jarokbal, Kondabal (also called Kiln place, is situated on the north-eastern side of the lake) and Ganderbal and is stated to be the deepest lake (at 13 m or 43 ft depth) in India.]

How do you get from Pahalgam to Tarsar Lake?

To reach Tarsar Lake, you will have to take a trek whose route starts from Aru Valley, continues to Lidderwat Valley and crosses Shekhawas Mountains before coming to an end at the lake.

Is Sheshnag still alive?

As per a legend, Lord Shiva is said to have left Sheshnag (snake) in this place while talking about the secrets of eternal life with Goddess Parvati. Another myth is that Sheshnag himself created this lake and began living here. It is a local belief that Sheshnag lives in this lake even to this day.

How was Sheshnag born?

As per the Mahabharata, Adishesha was born to the sage Kashyapa and his wife Kadru. Kadru gave birth to a thousand snakes, of which Shesha was the eldest. After Shesha, Vasuki, Iravati and Takshaka were born, in that order.

Who built Wular Lake?

Main source of water for Wular Lake is River Jhelum. This lake also has a small island in its centre called the ‘Zaina Lank’. This island was constructed by King Zainul-Abi-Din.

What is Tarsar Marsar Trek?

Tarsar Marsar is a less explored trek usually done in summers in the region of Kashmir, so-called “Switzerland of India”. The trek comprises of exploring of two high altitude alpine lakes, viz, Tarsar and Marsar lakes situated at an altitude of 12500 ft.

Is trekking through the Tarsar pass worth it?

Trekking through the Tarsar Pass is actually a time saving but comparatively more hectic plan than descending to Shekwas first and heading to Sundarsar from there. You can actually test your stamina on this day’s trek after so many days of walking on gentle undulations.

Why Tarsar Marsar Trek is the best alternative to Kashmir Great Lakes?

The trek lies between two wildlife protected areas of Dachigam National Park and Overa-Aru Wildlife Sanctuary. Tarsar Marsar Trek is the best alternative to Kashmir Great Lakes trek and for those who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the later.

How long does it take to hike sundarsar?

The trek to Sundersar covers a distance of 5 km in 5 hours with a pass crossing. Some trekkers attempt a trek to Marsar, which is a closed lake set inside a cauldron with steep sides. The trail is a steep ascent in the beginning, followed by a descent and then a final gentle ascent to the beautiful Sundarsar a small lake.