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Is the f15 good in DCS?

Is the f15 good in DCS?

As I wrote before, the F-15C is fast, agile, it turns well, it rolls quickly, and it can fight with the best of the best fighters in DCS World and come out on top. It’s one of the top dogs of aerial combat both in the real world and in the sim.

What is the most advanced plane in DCS?

F-16C Fighting Falcon It can take air-to-air missiles for dogfighting and beyond-visual-range combat. Basically, it’s flexible enough to let you try everything DCS has to offer. The cockpit is one of the most advanced in the simulator, full of displays to sift through.

What is the best fighter in DCS?

The F-16C, F/A-18C, JF-17 and Mirage 2000C are the best modern fighters. Modern multirole fighters are the most versatile and cost-effective. The F/16C can do everything from air-to-air combat to carrier takeoffs and landings.

How many F-15C training missions are there in DCS?

F-15C Training Missions hero video DCS F-15C Training Missions A set of 17 training missions for the DCS F-15C set in the Caucasus covering all important aspects of flying the F-15C, aimed at both beginners and intermediate pilots

Is the F-15 a good plane to get into DCS?

Mudspike contributor Bryan AKA Sryan first added this excellent DCS F-15 Guide in our forums and we felt it deserved the biggest audience possible, so we’ve added it as a Reference article here. Thanks Sryan! The F-15 is a great plane to get started with about air combat in DCS world.

How do I install the F-15C training mission?

Air-to-air refueling These missions require DCS 2.7 or later. To install, place the whole folder “F-15C Training (by N22YF)” into your Saved Games missions folder, which is typically in a location such as (Note that these folder names may be different if you’re not using an English version of Windows.)

What version of DCS is the F-15C Eagle in?

Requires DCS World version 2.5.1 or above! The F-15C Aggressors BFM campaign puts you in the cockpit of an F-15C Eagle, as a new Aggressor pilot with the 65th Aggressor Squadron at Nellis Air Force Base. Based on real world procedures you will fly as Red Air against Blue Air Forces.