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Is the laser musket good in Fallout 4?

Is the laser musket good in Fallout 4?

Once fully upgraded, the laser musket becomes one of the best sniping weapons in the game, capable of taking out Legendary foes with one shot to the head when coupled with the sneak attack bonus.

Where can I get a 50 cal in Fallout 4?

50 caliber rounds can occasionally be found in ammunition boxes and the inventories of weapon merchants. They can also be manufactured using an ammunition plant.

Does Rifleman work with laser rifles?

It does yea. Any rifle, or semi, will receive riflemen bonus. Shotguns get it too. You can see the damage going up per each perk you put in.

What is the best laser musket in Fallout 4?

No Doubt the best Legendary Laser Musket in the game, The Two-Shot Laser Musket Deals True Two Shot Damage as the projectiles themselves are not changed when you upgrade the Capacitor like the laser rifle.

How much damage does the laser musket do?

Laser musket

Damage 30
Damage Type Energy

Where is the laser musket in Fallout 4?

You can get this Weapon from Sturges in Sanctuary after completing The Nuclear Option (Minutemen). It has the unique property of Automatic fire mode.

What are the best guns in Fallout 4?

Nuka Nuke Launcher. Finally,we have the Nuka Nuke Launcher.

  • Splattercannon. Splattercannon is a unique rifle equipped with the Furious legendary effect which increases the damage of each round during consecutive hits.
  • Alien Blaster Pistol.
  • Ashmaker.
  • Kiloton Radium Rifle.
  • Tesla Rifle.
  • Spray N Pray.
  • Admiral’s Friend.
  • Kremvh’s Tooth.
  • Big Jim.
  • What are all the weapons in Fallout 4?

    Cryolator. The Cryolator is one of the most unique best weapons in the game,and as the name implies,it freezes whatever it comes across.

  • Shishkebab. Melee weapons also count as some of the best weapons in the game.
  • The Problem Solver.
  • Furious Power Fist.
  • Alien Blaster.
  • Lorenzo’s Artifact.
  • Spray N’ Pray.
  • The Harvester.
  • Kremvh’s Tooth.
  • Grognak’s Axe.
  • What is the best Legendary weapon in Fallout 4?

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  • How many weapons are in Fallout 4?

    Rifle (mid/long range combat), sniper (solo/few long range targets), shotgun (purely indoors) and two pistols. ( (44. For that heavy dmg) & 10mm for weaker targets & vats overload)) 2 level 1 rupeeblue · 5y Team Tincan Two, a combat rifle and a shotgun. 2 level 1 Macscotty1 · 5y