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Is the Leadbetter swing setter any good?

Is the Leadbetter swing setter any good?

While no substitute for instruction from a PGA Professional, the Leadbetter Swing Setter promotes key swing fundamentals. You may have seen the David Leadbetter Swing Setter on television and wondered, “What in the heck can a golf club that makes clacking noises and looks like a weapon do for my game?”

What is the swing setter?

The Swing Setter is his attempt at providing a tool that any player can use to improve swing fundamentals. You might be interested to know that I am a high-handicapper and can expect to score somewhere in the nineties on any given day. My goal is to be in the eighties on a regular basis and I feel that I’m getting closer to achieving that goal.

Is the swingsetter™ the best golf training aid?

The SwingSetter™ is the most complete golf training aid ever devised. Of course he’s is going to say that: it’s his product. When I first pulled the Swing Setter out of its box I was skeptical of its ability to improve my game.

Who is the swing setter golf instructor?

Leadbetter, the Swing Setter’s creator, is among the world’s most recognized golf instructors and founder of the David Leadbetter Golf Academy. He has made a name for himself instructing players like Nick Faldo, Ernie Els, Charles Howell III, and Aaron Baddeley.

What is Golfzon Leadbetter?

The global leaders in golf instruction and technology. New LGA Headquarters – Coming Soon! Golfzon Leadbetter and Reunion Resort are proud to announce a partnership that will establish Reunion Resort as the new home of the Leadbetter Golf Academy World Headquarters.

What is the Leadbetter Golf Academy?

Utilizing the latest technology, the Leadbetter academy will provide the highest quality technical lesson as well as a holistic approach to improving all facets of your golf game. Our $2700 premium package is an 8-week program that will train, educate and improve you in the 4 key areas: technical, physical, performance, and mental