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Is the Phantom good bf4?

Is the Phantom good bf4?

While the Phantom is very effective in close quarters because of its high damage output with most of its arrow types, it can be difficult to use at longer ranges, despite its high accuracy, for a couple of reasons.

How do I unlock phantom dog tags?

The YouTube below, details the exact method to unlock the Phantom Prospect Dog Tag. You’ll need to to get 200 kills with an Assault Rifle, 200 kills with a Battle Tank, and a 300m headshot.

How do you do the Phantom initiate?

However, in order to unlock Phantom Initiate, you must first unlock (you do not need to complete) the first two Phantom assignment….To complete this assignment, you must complete the following objectives:

  1. Get 200 kills with LMG.
  2. Get 50 kills with explosives.
  3. Get 25 roadkills.

What is the Phantom bow in BF4?

The Phantom is an all-class weapon compound bow introduced in the Battlefield 4: Final Stand expansion listed in the Carbine weapon category. The Phantom is permanently equipped with its fiber optic sights in its Optic slot and a counterbalance Stabilizer in the Accessory slot. The weapon’s third slot is for the equipped arrow type.

Is the Phantom bow the final DLC pack for Battlefield 4?

Battlefield 4 had a hard time recovering from a rocky launch and the first four DLC packs came and went relatively unnoticed, but players wreaking havoc in private matches with the Phantom Bow has helped put the first-person shooter back on the radar and add more hype to the game’s final DLC pack.

Is Battlefield 4’s Phantom bow the best weapon in the world?

The trend has spilled over into the world of video games in the last few years and it became the weapon of choice in Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, and Crysis 3. Although the bow and arrow dealt some serious damage in those games, the destruction capabilities of Battlefield 4’s Phantom Bow definitely wins the prize.

What is the Phantom program bow?

In the Battlefield universe, this bow is utilized by operatives of the Phantom Program . “The signature weapon of Phantom Program soldiers given to members who have completed their initiation. Its short effective range shouldn’t pose a problem for a true Phantom Operative.”