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Is the Tapestry app free?

Is the Tapestry app free?

If you’d like to see how using Tapestry can enhance your setting or school, whether you’re working in the EYFS or in Key Stages 1 or 2, why not take out a free, no obligation, 2 week trial today.

How does Tapestry Eyfs work?

Tapestry is a secure online Learning Journal to record photos, observations and comments, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, to build up a record of your child’s experiences during their time with us.

What app do nurseries use?

ParentZone is the award winning childcare app for parents. Parents can access information about their child’s day at a time that suits them best. ParentZone increases partnership with parents by allowing two way communication between parents and your nursery.

Is there a problem with tapestry?

Known issues Tapestry is up and running as normal.

Can parents download Tapestry PDF?

Please note that PDF downloads are NOT available on the app version of Tapestry, and that you may need to download a special app to view PDFs on a mobile or tablet device.

How do parents access Tapestry?

As parents/carers you both can access Tapestry by letting us know any e-mail addresses that you wish to link with the system (limited to 2 per child). Can other relatives join in Tapestry? You can choose to share your log in details with extended family if you wish, so they can see your child’s Learning Journal.

Why can’t I log into tapestry?

First try resetting your password using the button above. If that doesn’t work it may be that your account has been made inactive. This is most likely to have happened if you (if you are a staff member) or your child (if you are a parent) has now left the school, setting, or childminder who the account is for.

Is the family app free?

Family Link is a free app that works with Android and iOS devices to allow parents to keep track of their children’s digital activity.