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Is there a sequel to Rosario Vampire?

Is there a sequel to Rosario Vampire?

Rosario + Vampire: Season II (ロザリオとバンパイア season II, Rozario to Banpaia Shīzun Tsū) is the sequel of the Japanese manga series Rosario + Vampire, written and illustrated by Akihisa Ikeda.

Is Rosario a vampire harem?

Rosario + Vampire is a typical Shounen, Supernatural, Harem, Romantic, Comedy about an average, human, high school boy (Tsukune) who couldn’t get into any private schools and was stuck going to a school for monsters.

Is Rosario Vampire worth watching?

It isn’t really overwhelmingly impressive in any area, but it definitely does what it has to do in order to be an above average harem. I recommend watching the anime before reading the manga to prevent disappointment, because (especially for fans of harem anime) the anime is worth a shot.

Is Shiki worth watching?

The anime Shiki is definitely worth watching. It offers a lot of excitement while keeping you anxious and curious to know what sort of malicious presence or entity is plaguing them and why.

Is strike the blood worth watching?

A well made anime and very entertaining. Strike the blood is about boy Kojō Akatsuki who suddenly wakes up to be the Fourth Progenitor – Worlds strongest vampire.

What’s the difference between Karin and Rosario to vampire?

Both Karin and Rosario to Vampire center around the romantic involvement of a human and a vampire. They both have problems adjusting to the stark differences between humans and monsters, and are a little on the kawai side. Rosario, howerver, is a harem style set in a monster school, while Karin is a slice of life set in a human school.

What are the best anime like Rosario Vampire?

Vampire Knight is one of the most similar animes like Rosario Vampire. However, in this anime, it is the female who has an interest in handsome guys who have magnetic personalities. What happens at Cross Academy keeps the audience thrilled and hooked to the series for a long time.

Is Rosario Vampire a love story about love?

Even though Rosario Vampire was a love story with a male lead, we still want to add other vampire stories about love! Yuki Cross has a special place in her heart for Kaname Kuran, the vampire that saved her when she was just a young girl.

Is IKAROS a good anime?

Already surrounded by strange people at his school, it should almost come as no surprise when an Angeloid named Ikaros crash lands on his world and claims that she is his servant. Much like Rosario Vampire, you’ll find the supernatural elements of this anime endearing and the humor extremely entertaining. Is this a great next watch?