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Is there a shortage of winter tires in Canada?

Is there a shortage of winter tires in Canada?

As the region was battered by Covid-19 cases, rubber production has been hit by a shortage of workers and lockdown measures. Canada is not about to run out of winter tires but the industry is predicting shortages in some brands and sizes. Goodyear predicts that it will be short about five million tires.

What percentage of Canadians use winter tires?

TRAC’s 2021 Canadian Consumer Winter Tire Study found that 76 per cent of Canadian motorists now use winter tires. Outside Quebec, where winter tires are mandated by law, winter tire usage stands at 69 per cent, up from 65 per cent in 2020.

Do winter tires ever go on sale?

You can find snow tires at a lower price while supply is high. You have to hurry, because tire rebates and offers have an expiration date. For snow tires, that date typically lands in October, November, or December. Wait till after December, and rebates and sales will be over.

Is there a tire shortage 2021?

Let’s get this out in the open right up front: Currently, there is no reported rubber shortage in the United States. In fact, representatives for big tire manufacturers like Goodyear and Bridgestone have made several media appearances to reassure the public that production is up and running as scheduled.

Are tires in high demand?

World demand to rise 4.1% annually through 2019 World demand for tires is projected to rise 4.1 percent per year to 3.0 billion units in 2019. In value terms, sales of tires are forecast to advance 7.0 percent per annum to $258 billion.

How many tires are sold in Canada each year?

16 million passenger
(Canadian manufacturers produce an estimated 16 million passenger vehicle and light truck tires sold per year).

How many Albertans have winter tires?

Winter tires are not mandatory in Alberta, however more drivers here appear to be using them. In 2014, about 45 per cent of drivers in the province used them, according to The Tire and Rubber Association of Canada. Two years later, the association said that number had jumped to 55 per cent of drivers.

What is the best month to buy winter tires?

When it comes to buying tires, however, it’s really best to get ahead of things, and that’s why October is a perfect time. A lot of people wait until well into November or even December to shop for winter tires, and at that point, you’re going to pay the most for them.

When should you buy winter tires?

at temperatures below freezing. As a general rule of thumb, you should switch from summer or “all-season” tires to winter tires when the typical air temperature when you are driving falls to 45 degrees or lower.

Where can I buy winter tires in Canada?

Like Costco, PMCtire allows you to shop for your new winter tires from the warmth and safety of your own home. What sets them apart from other online stores is their free shipping service for all orders with four tires to major cities across Canada.

Are winter tires required by law in Ontario?

While winter tires are not required by law, they are recommended by Ontario and other provincial governments. There are currently now plans to make winter tires mandatory in Ontario. However, as of January 1st, 2016, all private insurance companies in Ontario must offer a winter tire insurance discount.

How much do winter tires cost?

An average winter tire may range anywhere from $60 to $550 in price, dependent on your car type and tire brand, quality, and size. The price is well worth it if you are prioritizing your safety in the winter months.

Should you buy snow tires from continental?

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