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Is there going to be another StarCraft game?

Is there going to be another StarCraft game?

By all accounts, Starcraft 3 is neither in development nor planned for development. Much of the crew responsible for the previous game has left to form another studio. Of course, Blizzard still owns the IP, so we can’t say Starcraft 3 will never happen.

Is StarCraft still getting updates?

StarCraft II Update – October 15, 2020 2020 Season 3 Now Live!

Is StarCraft done?

Recently, Blizzard announced it was ending most support for StarCraft 2, which leaves the future of the franchise up in the air. However, for many fans of the StarCraft series, a new entry in the real-time strategy sci-fi franchise is in high demand.

Is StarCraft discontinued?

Blizzard Entertainment announced today that it is ending most StarCraft 2 support moving forward. There will be no more paid content such as new War Chests or Commanders or story expansions. This comes after StarCraft 2 crossed its 10th anniversary earlier in 2020.

Will they make a StarCraft 3?

Starcraft 3 and Starcraft 3 Release Date is going to be real or not, well no one knows. Recently Blizzard’s latest future game list does not contain one of the most awaited game Starcraft 3….Starcraft 3 Release Date, System Requirements & Rumors.

StarCraft 3 New Game
Starcraft 3 Platforms Microsoft Windows, PlayStation
Starcraft 3 Trailer Not Announced

What’s next for Blizzard Entertainment?

Blizzard Entertainment, the home of StarCraft, World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Overwatch, is making a “brand-new survival game for PC and console,” the developer announced Tuesday. The untitled survival game will be set in an all-new universe, unrelated to Blizzard’s existing fantasy and sci-fi properties.

How does StarCraft End?

The game ends the way a game like this usually does. Artanis wins, destroying Ammon’s physical form, and banishing him back to the void realm. Just before the credits are supposed to roll, however, there’s a distress call coming from the old slumbering grounds of the Xel’naga.

Will the StarCraft story continue?

Tim Morten has stated that while StarCraft II will conclude the storyline that began with the original game, it will not be the end of the setting, and that a “StarCraft III” may be created in the future. If so, in his mind, it will likely focus on new characters.