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Is Train 12534 Cancelled?

Is Train 12534 Cancelled?

Check real-time train running status of other trains from C Shivaji Mah T to Lucknow Ne. Get free cancellation on train ticket booking of Pushpak Express – 12534….12534Running Status.

Station Lucknow Ne 1423 km
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled 08:40 08:40
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled Destination
Delay On Time

Where is pushpak train now?

12534 MUMBAI CSMT – LUCKNOW Pushpak SF Express Live Train Running Status

Station Arrival Train Status
Mumbai Csmt (CSMT) 08:27 Departed at 08:27
Kalyan Jn (KYN) 09:23 09:26
Nasik Road (NK) 11:42 On time
Manmad Jn (MMR) 12:43 On time

Is Pushpak Express Cancelled today?

Pushpak Express departs from Lucknow Jn at 21:30 pm with an average delay of No Delay and arrives at at 22:45 pm with an average delay of No Delay.

Does Pushpak Express stops at Dadar station?

It leaves Lucknow at 19:45 on day 1 and reaches Mumbai at 20:05 on day 2.It takes 24 hrs 20 mins to reach from its source to the destination….Pushpak Express -12533 ( Lucknow Ne to Mumbai Cst )

Station name (code) Dadar (DR)
Arrives 19:38
Departs 19:40
Stop time 2 min
Distance travelled 1419 km

Is there pantry car in Pushpak Express?

Pantry Car Availability Pantry Car is available in Pushpak Express , 12534.

Does Pushpak Express stop at Dadar?

What is the train number of Pushpak Express?

PUSHPAK EXPRESS 12534 is a Superfast train that runs from Mumbai to Lucknow. PUSHPAK EXPRESS covers a total distance of 1425 kms and takes 24 hours to complete the journey. It starts from Mumbai station at 08:20 and reaches Lucknow station at 08:40 on the day 2 of the journey.