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Is xampp PHP thread-safe or not?

Is xampp PHP thread-safe or not?

XAMPP uses the Apache Software Foundation builds, and ‘that’ Apache build is Thread Safe.

What is non thread-safe PHP?

It refers to a single thread only builds. In non-thread safe version binaries widespread use in the case of interaction with a web server through the FastCGI protocol, by not utilizing multi-threading. For example: Apache + FastCGI. IIS + FastCGI.

Do I need thread-safe PHP?

If you choose to run PHP as a CGI binary, then you won’t need thread safety, because the binary is invoked at each request. For multithreaded webservers, such as IIS5 and IIS6, you should use the threaded version of PHP.

What is Zend thread safety?

ZTS is Zend Thread Safety. This is a layer of code that controls access to Thread global variables, using TLS as of PHP 7 (Thread Local Storage). When we develop the PHP language, or as a PHP extension writer, we must differentiate between two kinds of globals in code.

What is a PHP thread?

by Somesh Soni, Posted on July 29, 2016. A thread is a small unit of instructions which can be executed by a processor. A application uses threading if it requires parallelism. In other words by a single program ,we can process multiple unit of instructions parallaly.

What is PHP ZTS?

PHP Agent integrates with the ZTS mode, which helps to instrument multithreaded applications on PHP. This enables you to view the end-to-end business transaction flow and exit calls without breaks in correlation or end-to-end visibility. PHP ZTS is currently supported only for Linux (64 bit).

What does NTS mean with PHP?

The non-thread safe version should be used if you install PHP as a CGI binary, command line interface or other environment where only a single thread is used.

What is ZTS PHP?

Why is PHP single threaded?

The single threaded nature of PHP means that PHP doesn’t have any built-in support for spawning new threads during script execution. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have two executions of the same script simultanously. In the most common setup, your website is served by Apache HTTPD.

Does PHP use multithreading?

PHP applications, undoubtedly work effectively with multithreading capabilities. Multithreading is something similar to multitasking, but it enables to process multiple jobs at one time, rather than on multiple processes.

How do I enable my ZTS?


  1. Add the package repository. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php-zts sudo apt-get -y update.
  2. Install ZTS enabled PHP.
  3. Check ZTS is enabled.
  4. Install pThreads via Pecl.
  5. Check pThreads is installed.