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Should my indoor cat get a rabies shot?

Should my indoor cat get a rabies shot?

Rabies vaccination is an important and required vaccine for all cats. A common misconception is that indoor cats are not required to maintain updated vaccines as they do not have exposure to the outdoors or other animals. In fact, rabies vaccinations are required by law in all felines.

How much does it cost to give shots to a cat?

How Much Do Cat Vaccinations Cost? The average cost of cat vaccinations are about $20 for a rabies vaccine, $35 for a 3 in 1 vaccine, $34 for the Feline Leukemia Vaccine, and $37 for the PureVax® Rabies according to VippetCare.

How often do cats need rabies shots?

every 3 years
Rabies injections for kittens/cats Kitten should get their first rabies vaccine no earlier than 16 weeks of age. After this point a booster should be provided 12 months later, and then every 3 years after unless state laws dictate otherwise.

Can I give my cat a rabies shot myself?

Here in California, dog rabies vaccines and cat rabies vaccines must be administered by a licensed vet only.

What shots do indoor cats really need?

Vaccines for Indoor Cats There are two primary vaccinations your indoor kitty will need to stay healthy throughout her life: the rabies vaccine and the combination vaccine FVRCP—this vaccine protects against Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (feline herpes), Panleukopenia virus (feline distemper) and Calicivirus.

Can indoor cats rabies?

“Rabies is a human health concern, not just an animal health issue.” Regardless of legal requirements, maintaining regular rabies vaccination makes good medical sense. Even a strictly indoor cat may find a way to sneak out of the house and be exposed to rabies by a wild animal in the neighborhood.

What happens if rabies vaccination is delayed?

If you have not yet received the vaccine and were exposed to the rabies virus, you will need a total of 5 doses on 5 different days within a 1-month period. You will also receive a shot of rabies immune globulin.

What is the difference between a 1 year and 3 year rabies vaccine?

Actually, three-year rabies vaccinations are the same as one-year vaccinations. There is no additional volume or disease agent administered to trigger an immune response; the labeling is simply different for the vaccinations.