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Was Jon Favreau in My Name Is Earl?

Was Jon Favreau in My Name Is Earl?

My Name Is Earl (TV Series 2005–2009) – Jon Favreau as Mr. Patrick – IMDb.

Was Danny Glover in My Name Is Earl?

Episode Info Earl and Randy smell trouble when Darnell’s father (Danny Glover) comes to Camden claiming he wants to make amends with his son.

Who sang for Darnell on My Name Is Earl?

Eddie Steeples
Born November 25, 1973 Spring, Texas, United States
Occupation Actor
Years active 2001–present

Who played Mr Patrick’s wife in My Name is Earl?

While Earl recovers in hospital, his wife Joy (Jaime Pressly) divorces him, but Earl is introduced to the concept of karma while watching an interview with singer Trace Adkins on Last Call with Carson Daly. He resolves to try to make up for all the bad things he has done and writes a list of 259 items.

Was Howie Mandel in My Name Is Earl?

Mandel had a cameo appearance as himself on the NBC show My Name is Earl in the episode where Earl’s roommates robbed an Indian casino at which Mandel was performing.

What is Darnell’s real name?

Darnell is played by Da’Vinchi in All American season 2. The South Crenshaw quarterback was offered to live with Grace after Corey died and has become somewhat of a fan-favourite. As for the actor, his real name is Abraham D.

What did Darnell Turner do?

Flashbacks. The explanation of the reason why Darnell was in the Witness Protection Program is finally shown. He was, whilst a government agent, told to assassinate a nine year old socialist dictator who sadly said that he at least, lived longer then his father.

Do Randy and Catalina end up together?

The second season revolves around Earl continuing to cross items off his List to help make himself become a better person. Midway through the season he and Randy end up in Mexico to help save Catalina who was deported, which ends with Randy and Catalina marrying.

Who is Jon Favreau’s wife?

Joya TillemJon Favreau / Wife (m. 2000)