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What are 18-55mm lenses good for?

What are 18-55mm lenses good for?

While technically not a wide-angle lens, 18-55mm lenses allow you to shoot wide-angle by using the shortest focal length (18mm) and playing around with shooting angles and composition techniques.

Is 55mm better than 50mm?

The biggest difference in performance can be seen in the corners at the fastest apertures (f/1.8, f/2.8 and f/4). Whereas the 55mm’s corner sharpness at all three values is only slightly worse than at the smaller apertures, the 50mm is clearly softer at f/1.8 and f/2.8 and marginally softer at f/4. What is this?

Is a 18-55mm lens good for portraits?

In the middle of its range, around 35mm, it is perfect for street, travel, and documentary photography, while the short telephoto zoom of 55mm works wonders for portraits. In circumstances where you’re likely to need to change focal lengths and aperture frequently and quickly, the 18-55mm lens is a great choice.

When would you use a 50mm 1.8 lens?

50mm lenses are fast lenses with a fast maximum aperture. The most basic 50mm lenses are typically F1. 8 – a very wide aperture. This means they are great for low-light photography (e.g. low-light portraiture or indoor shooting) as they allow more light into the camera’s sensor.

Is the Canon 50mm a good lens to buy?

The 50mm is a great lens to have but is more of a specialty lens. At the end of the day, both of these lenses will capture great photos. As a beginner, owning both of these lenses isn’t a bad idea either. With an extremely affordable price tag, you’d have a fantastic lens pairing to play with as you improve your photography!

What is the aperture of the Canon 50mm?

The 50mm has an aperture of F/1.8, which is over two stops brighter than what the 18-55mm can offer. Although you won’t use F/1.8 for all of your photos, it can create a unique look to some images. At an aperture this wide, you end up with an extremely shallow depth of field.

What is the difference between 18-55mm and 50mm lenses?

The biggest difference between these lenses is their type. The 18-55mm lens is a zoom lens that can change focal lengths to help you capture various angles. A 50mm lens is a prime lens with a fixed focal length, which means it cannot zoom in or out.

Can a 50mm lens zoom in or out?

A 50mm lens is a prime lens with a fixed focal length, which means it cannot zoom in or out. Although the 50mm cannot zoom, it does have a wider aperture allowing it to perform better in low light conditions.