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What are good argumentative topics?

What are good argumentative topics?

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

  • Are men and women equally emotional?
  • Are printed books best than e-readers?
  • Do you think that the drinking age should be lowered?
  • Are parents responsible for childhood obesity?
  • Do you think that college should free?
  • Do you think that beauty standards be more inclusive?

How do you present an argument in a position paper?

Create an Outline

  1. Introduce your topic with some basic background information.
  2. Introduce possible objections to your position.
  3. Support and acknowledge the opposing points.
  4. Explain that your position is still the best one, despite the strength of counter-arguments.
  5. Summarize your argument and restate your position.

How can you make a strong argument in a position paper?

Ten Tips for Writing a Strong Position Paper

  1. Select a timely, relevant topic with two clear opposing sides.
  2. Conduct thorough preliminary research, collecting evidence supporting arguments for and against your position.
  3. Identify your intended audience.
  4. Clearly state your position on the topic.

What should you not do in a position paper?

Position papers are meant to convince readers of something, to change their mind, or to incite change. If your topic is not arguable—or if there is a definite, correct solution—your paper will automatically be ineffective.

What are the characteristics of a good position paper?

To achieve this end, position papers typically include the following features: a well-defined, controversial issue; a clear position on the issue; a convincing argument; and a reasonable tone.

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