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What are the best seats at Her Majesty theatre London?

What are the best seats at Her Majesty theatre London?

Premium seats can be found in the centre of rows F-H, roughly seats 11-18 and 9-20 in Row F. These are the best seats in the theatre, offering a perfect overall view of the stage that feels close enough to be involved in the action.

Is the grand circle good seats Her Majesty’s theatre?

The grand circle is only good if you are in the front few rows, but the worst seats in this theatre are actually the back of the stalls. That low dress circle sits over the back half of the stalls, so the view of the stage is badly compromised from row O.

Are royal circle seats good?

Sitting in the dress/royal circle The front rows of the dress circle are among the best seats in a theatre – especially for dance productions and musicals with a strong dance element.

Can you see from the Grand Circle?

Also referred to as the Grand Circle, this is the third level of seating in an auditorium. Sitting this high may not be recommended for those who suffer from vertigo, however sitting in this section of the theatre will allow you to see the stage from a high angle so you don’t miss any part of the action.

Is there a dress code for Her Majesty’s theatre?

There is no dress code for Her Majesty’s Theatre. Patrons should wear attire that is comfortable and appropriate for the occasion.

Where should I sit at Her Majesty’s theatre?

The best seats in Her Majesty’s Theatre are The Stalls. The best seats are in rows B-F of this section. The Royal Circle has some good views as well, with seats 13-24 in rows A-C giving you the best views from this section.

What are Grand Circle seats like?

The shape of the Grand Circle is more curved, causing seats towards the ends of the rows to be restricted view. Handrails may also obstruct the view for those in the middle of each row. This problem affects rows A-D. This section provides good overall views of the stage, especially when working on a budget.

Is the grand circle a good view?

Split into three blocks of seating by two aisles, the Grand Circle offers a good but quite distant view onto the stage. It is advised to choose seats that are central as they offer the best view. Seats at the end the row offer an angle view due to the curved shape of the Grand Circle.

Where is the best place to sit for Phantom of the Opera London?

Wishing you were a part of The Phantom of the Opera company? You’ll want to book tickets for the middle seats of the front rows of the stalls (rows B to Row K) and dress circle (rows A to B). Seats in these sections of the theatre are considered to give audiences the best views.

What are the best seats in the royal circle?

The Royal Circle offers excellent views, particularly in the centre of the first six rows. Due to the curve of the seating, seats towards the ends of rows are restricted, which is reflected in the pricing structure. This section is split into three blocks of seating, with the central section offering the best overall views of the stage.

How many steps are there to the royal circle?

Pillars are located in Row E. There are 32 steps to the Royal Circle bar, which is level with the auditorium. There is movable seating available. Staff are able to bring drinks to access patrons who are unable to reach the bars.

What is the difference between the Grand Circle and royal circle?

The Grand Circle overhang affects only those at the very back of this section, cutting the top view of the stage. The Royal Circle is not wheelchair accessible and not is suited for those with reduced mobility.

Where are the best seats in the Royal Opera House?

Rows reach a maximum of 35 seats, with the best seats being either side of the aisle in the centre. The Royal Circle overhang is visible from the back half of the Stalls, and can cover the view of the chandelier in the current production, The Phantom of the Opera.