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What are the dates of The Big E 2021?

What are the dates of The Big E 2021?

The 2021 Big E in Springfield, Massachusetts will be held September 17th – October 3rd, 2021. Eastern States Exposition (ESE) is thrilled to announce that The Big E is Back!

Why is it called The Big E?

In 1966, for the fiftieth anniversary, the fair began marketing itself as “The Big E.” The “E” stands for what organizers said was an emphasis on “entertainment, education and excitement.”

What’s special about The Big E fair held in Massachusetts?

The Big E, or Eastern States Exposition, is a New England autumn tradition and the ninth largest fair in North America. Each September, participants, vendors, entertainers and guests come from all over the eastern seaboard as well as throughout the country to enjoy this festive event.

How long has The Big E fair been around?

In the spring of 1917, 122 of the nation’s foremost manufacturers presented their products at the Industrial and Export conference in Exposition Park. And, in the fall of that same year, the very first Eastern States Exposition was opened to the public.

Is Big E retired?

A former world champion confirmed his retirement status and stated that his body would never permit him to wrestle again. A former WWE star opened up about working with Brock Lesnar and being ready for an ‘actual fight’ with the Beast Incarnate.

How many acres is Big E?

175 acres
In less than ten months, the men leading the Eastern States movement turned 175 acres of swampy land along the Westfield River into a showcase for agricultural and industrial exhibits and a place for wholesome entertainment.

Will the Big E take place in 2021?

The Big E Eastern States 2021 will take place September 14-17th and September 21-23rd in West Springfield, MA.

How big is the Big E fair Grounds?

How busy is the Big E?

The Big E is America’s sixth largest fair that attracts more than a million visitors to West Springfield. The attendance for 2019 broke the record with 1,629,527 total visitors. The all-time highest single-day attendance was also broken on Saturday, September 21, 2019 when 176,544 visitors attended.