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What are the different federal pay scales?

What are the different federal pay scales?

There are four primary pay scales and several small or experimental pay scales. The primary pay scales, in order of number of employees, are the General Schedule (GS), Federal Wage System (FWS), Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Schedule and the Senior Executive Service (SES) Schedule.

What is the ZS pay scale?

ZS Associates Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Management Consultant Range:$73k – $189k Average:$118,913
Analytics Consultant Range:$66k – $103k Average:$83,394
Administrative Assistant Range:$31k – $64k (Estimated *) Average:$44,754
Healthcare Consultant Range:$69k – $141k (Estimated *) Average:$99,708

How much does a ses make in DC?

Unlike the General Schedule (GS), SES is a grade-less system in which salary is discretionary to the agency within a wide band – currently between $120,749 and $181,500.

What is a NF 4 position?

NF-4 Senior Specialist/Management.

How do federal pay bands work?

These pay bands typically range from GS-1 to GS-5, GS-6 to GS-11, GS-12 to GS-13 and GS-14 to GS-15. Each pay band has a minimum and maximum pay. Within these bands, pay is based on employee performance. An employee at the top of one band will usually make for than someone at the bottom of the next higher pay band.

What is it like to work at ZS Associates?

Productive and engaging work culture ZS Associates has a very engaging work culture. No person simple sits here idle, let it be managers or mere interns. Guys doing internships also work like they are normal regular employees. There are immense scopes of learning.

Is becoming an SES worth it?

So- what’s the biggest benefit of an SES Career? Pay is the most tangible benefit. Not only do you get paid more than a GS-15 (the minimum pay level is set at 120% of a GS-15) but your pay is also merit based.

What is a NF-4 equivalent to GS?

Military Civilian Grade Group
O-7 Brg. General NF-6
O-6 Colonel NF-5
O-5 Lt. Colonel NF-5
O-4 Major NF-4

Is NAF or GS better?

GS is more “restrictive” on pay setting. NAF likes to mirror GS scale and jobs are normally posted at GS equivalence spread, for example GS12 step 1 $70,000 to GS 10 $89,000 made up these numbers), if posted as GS then GS pay setting rules apply and very limited when doing lateral move (usually pay just stays same).