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What are the jumps called in show jumping?

What are the jumps called in show jumping?

Vertical (or upright) – A jump that consists of poles or planks placed one directly above another with no spread, or width to jump. Oxer – Two verticals close together, to make the jump wider. Also called a spread. Square oxer – (Sometimes known as Box Oxer): Both top poles are of an equal height.

What are the 5 jumping phases?

The five phases of a jump

  • Phase one – approach.
  • Phase two – takeoff.
  • Phase three – flight and bascule.
  • Phase four – landing.
  • Phase five – recovery.

How high are the Olympic show jumping jumps?

How high do Olympic horses jump? The Olympics pit the world’s best athletes against each other every four years and includes the best equine athletes in dressage, eventing, and showjumping. In Olympic showjumping competitions, the fences’ height is 1.6 meters (5.2 feet) and has a maximum width of 2 meters (6.5 feet).

What are the types of show jumping?

There are three main divisions at a hunter/jumper horse show: hunter, jumper and equitation. In all three, a rider guides a horse over a set course of obstacles in a ring. However, each is scored differently. The jumper discipline is scored based on the objective speed and accuracy the rider has over the course.

What are the jumps called in horse racing?

Jump Races / National Hunt Races – Types of Jump Races. There are two major categories in British National Hunt Racing, also referred to as Jump Racing; Hurdles and the Steeple Chase. Aside from these two classic varieties of jump racing exist so-called Bumper races, which are National Hunt Flat Races.

How do horses see jumps?

Horses do not see the full spectrum of hues seen in show jumping courses. Equines have ‘dichromatic’ vision (‘di’ meaning two, and ‘chroma’ meaning colour) in blue and green. In human terms, horses are said to be red-green colour blind, unable to see reds as we do, probably viewing them as hues of blue-grey.

What is the hardest jump in show jumping?

The official Fédération Equestre Internationale record for high jump is 2.47 m (8 ft 1.25 in) by Huaso ex-Faithful, ridden by Capt. Alberto Larraguibel Morales (Chile) at Viña del Mar, Santiago, Chile on 5 February 1949.

What are small horse jumps called?

Cavalettis are smaller fences, usually set at a maximum of 18” to 2′ at their highest point. You can adjust the jump height by moving the ends of the poles up to higher holes on the standards. Cavalettis are versatile for training because you can use them as ground poles, raised poles, or build them into small fences.