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What are the rules of football in India?

What are the rules of football in India?

These rules are applicable to Football in India as well. Kick-offs start and restart after each goal. During the period of kick off, only two players are allowed in the circle, one for kicking and the other for receiving the ball. If the ball crosses the goal-line, then it is considered out of bounds.

What is the role of All India Football Federation?

The AIFF sanctions and runs all competitive football tournaments and leagues at a national level, namely the Indian Super League, I-League and Super Cup. The federation also indirectly manages local football competitions through the state associations.

What is AIFF registration?

By the act of registering, a player agrees to abide by the statutes and regulations of FIFA, the confederations and the associations.” In order to comply with the above provision, the AIFF implemented the Centralised Registration System (CRS), an online electronic information system, in the 2013-14 season.

What is AIFF CRS?

To support and show solidarity with the club and academies, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) has decided to waive off its share of the Centralized Registration Fee (CRS Fee) for player registrations, renewals, and transfers for the Season 2021-22.

How can I join Hyderabad FC?

Players interested in attending trials need to report at the MB Sportz Arena in Bandlaguda Jagir at 7.00 am sharp on the respective dates as per their age groups. The trials will be conducted with all COVID-19 Protocols in place and everyone attending the trials are requested to strictly follow the rules.

How do you get selected for AIFF?

Aspiring players are strongly advised to continuously participate in local competitions like AIFF Baby League, inter-School, inter-College, etc. in order to increase their chances of selection into the zonal/district/State-level age-category teams.

How do I apply for AIFF?

The process starts with AIFF informing all stakeholders about an upcoming Course through its online system and Website, following which any interested and eligible Candidate will have to register and create an online account for the application process.

How do I join AIFF elite academy?

1 To pass the criteria: (i) An Academy/Club must employ an academy manager and a team manager (separately). Both the academy manager and the team manager must be registered on the AIFF Coaches Registration portal – as an “Official” of the club/academy.

How do I register a football club in AIFF?

To register your club please download the following forms and submit to your district football association:

  1. CRS Club Registration form.
  2. CRS Data Protection Declaration (DPD)
  3. CRS Declaration of confidentiality and due care (DCDC)

What is the official rule of Indian football?

The official rule of Indian football helps the players to play the game in free manner. It will give the foot ball player to play with ethics. The football match is played in 2 halves of 45 minutes each. There are several rules in the sport of football regarding the players, penalties, field, offence and defence.

What is All India Football Federation (AIFF)?

The AIFF is also part of the South Asian Football Federation, the organization that runs football in South Asia. The federation is currently based in Dwarka, Delhi . Before the formation of the All India Football Federation (AIFF), the de facto ruling body for association football in India were the Indian Football Association (IFA).

What are the functions of the Federation of Indian football?

The federation also indirectly manages local football competitions through the state associations. The federation is also responsible for managing the India national football team, as well as the women’s team and the various youth national sides.

How many state football associations are there in India?

There are currently 36 state associations affiliated with the All India Football Federation. All Manipur Football Association Andaman & Nicobar Football Association Andhra Pradesh Football Association Arunachal Pradesh Football Association Assam Football Association Bihar Football Association Chandigarh Football Association