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What are the various types of Adavus?

What are the various types of Adavus?

Following are the Ten important Adavus that a new student is asked to practice thoroughly:

  • Tatta Adavu.
  • Natta Adavu.
  • Visharu Adavu (Mardita Adavu or Paraval Adavu)
  • TattimittiAdavu.
  • Tirumanam Adavu.
  • Murka Adavu.
  • Jati Adavu.
  • Kuditamitta Adavu.

How many steps are there in Pakka Adavu?

This is also known by various other names like the Mardita adavu, Paraval Adavu, Pakka Adavu. There are eight steps in this Adavu and the dance is performed by the words like “Ta tai tai ta” and also “Dhit tai tai ta”.

How many Metta Adavu are there in Bharatanatyam?

1) Tatta Adavu, 2) Natta Adavu, 3) Metta Adavu, 4) Tatta Kuditta metta Adavu, 5)Tirmanam Adavu, 6) Kuditta metta Adavu, 7) Vishru Adavu.

What is Mandi Adavu?

Mandi meaning knee are one of the most beautiful but toughest Adavus. There are 5 variations in all. The students learn to sing Mandi Adavu in 3 different speeds set to a particular rhythmical pattern (Thala). Students are given a fitness guide explaining the Yogic postures relevant to the footwork.

How many Adavus are there in mohiniyattam?

There are 24 basic hastas in Mohiniyattam and a few others have been borrowed from Bharata’s Natya Sastra and His Highness Karthika Thirunal’s Balarama Bharatham.

What is Sutral Adavu?

The word Sutral refers to Swirls or circular motion. It is also called as Murku Adavu. The Bols of this Adavu is Tat Tai Tam Dhit Tai Tam. The hand gestures used in this adavu are pataka, katakamukha, Alapadpa and shikhara.

What is Sarikal Adavu?

Anjali February 27, 2009 Adavus 9 Comments. Sarikal means to slide. Here as one foot is lifted and placed the another foot slides towards it. Then the feet takes the Anchita position where the feet rests on the heel.

What is Korvai in Bharatnatyam?

The word Korvai means to compile, join or thread together. Korvais are adavus when set to a particular Talam (Rhythm) and Kalam (speed) and usually concludes with a Theermanam.