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What book clubs can I join?

What book clubs can I join?

9 Online Book Clubs You Can Join Now

  • Andrew Luck Book Club.
  • The Girlfriend Book Club.
  • Goodreads Choice Awards Book Club.
  • New York Public Library and WNYC Virtual Book Club.
  • Now Read This.

What is a good mystery book for the book club?

14 Mystery Book Club Recommendations for Your Group

  • As Long as We Both Shall Live by Joann Chaney.
  • Miracle Creek by Angie Kim.
  • Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman.
  • American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson.
  • The Lost Man by Jane Harper.
  • My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing.
  • Alice’s Island by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo.

How do I find a book club near me?

How To Find A Book Club To Join Near You

  1. Ask Your Friends.
  2. Local Facebook Groups.
  3. You May Also Like: How To Find Time To Read As A Busy Mom.
  4. Check with your library.
  5. Both library systems I’ve been in, at least in the Philadelphia region, have had a plethora of book clubs to pick from.

How do I join a book club in my area?

Your local library, community center, or independent book store is the perfect place to start. Look for invites posted on bulletin boards, or even better, ask your librarian, bookstore employees, or community center staff if they know of any book clubs that are inviting new members.

Why you should join a book club?

Reading is an Adventure.

  • It moves you outside your comfort zone.
  • A new community where you all love reading.
  • You’re a part of intellectual thought-provoking conversation.
  • Reading stimulates your brain.
  • Book Club is transformational.
  • Why you should join an online book club?

    Read more. Most of us need a push to get motivated and joining a book club provides clear deadlines on a regular basis.

  • Read things you wouldn’t normally read.
  • Meet new people.
  • Experience books in a whole new way.
  • Gives you insights into the minds of other readers.
  • Learn new techniques and approaches.
  • It’s fun.
  • Why did you join a book club?

    Books clubs are amazing in my opinion. You get to read books and bond with others through them. Here are five reasons you should join one immediately. 1. You get to meet new people/friends . At the book club I am currently a part of, I have made many new friends, and it is all because of the bonds we have made over discussing books.

    Should you join a book club?

    Book clubs are fun! All book clubs include some time to get to know the other members better. A book club can help you meet new people and make new friends, all in a relaxed atmosphere. They are a great addition to a social calendar, being a low key and relatively inexpensive activity.