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What can remove mercury from the body?

What can remove mercury from the body?

If you have mercury poisoning with a very high level of mercury in your blood, your doctor will probably recommend chelation therapy. This method involves using medications, called chelators, that bind to mercury in your body and help it to exit your system. Chelators can be taken as a pill or injected.

What is mercury chelation?

When metals like lead, mercury, iron, and arsenic build up in your body, they can be toxic. Chelation therapy is a treatment that uses medicine to remove these metals so they don’t make you sick. Some alternative health care providers also use it to treat heart disease, autism, and Alzheimer’s disease.

What removes mercury from the brain?

Researchers have found fiber to reduce mercury levels in the brain and blood. Chlorella: Studies have shown that chlorella increases the detoxification of mercury in mice. Foods containing sulfur: Foods rich in sulfur, such as garlic and broccoli, may be good chelators.

What are the side effects of chelation therapy?

More serious side effects of chelation therapy may include:

  • seizures.
  • drop in blood pressure.
  • respiratory failure.
  • low blood calcium (hypocalcemia)
  • irregular heartbeat.
  • severe allergic reactions.
  • severe hypersensitivity.
  • anemia.

Does Chlorella remove mercury from the body?

In the present study, Chlorella significantly reduced the accumulation of mercury in tissues and enhanced its excretion through faeces and urine. This indicates that Chlorella effectively binds with mercury and facilitates its excretion through faeces.

How do you reverse mercury poisoning?

There’s no cure for mercury poisoning. The best way to treat mercury poisoning is to stop your exposure to the metal. If you eat a lot of mercury-containing seafood, stop immediately.

How effective is chelation therapy?

Answer From Rekha Mankad, M.D. It’s unclear whether chelation therapy can treat heart disease. Chelation therapy has long been used as a treatment for mercury and lead poisoning, but it isn’t a proven treatment for heart disease. It can potentially cause serious side effects when used as a heart disease treatment.

What is the best chelator to remove mercury from the brain?

DMSA alone followed by DMSA + ALA is a reasonable option. So is DMPS alone followed by DMPS + ALA. ALA is the only one of the common chelator agents which crosses the blood-brain-barrier, so you need to use ALA at some point in order to clear mercury from the brain. ALA has specific risks because it crosses the blood-brain-barrier.

What is the best way to chelate Mercury?

Most of the deleterious effects of mercury happen when it is being mobilized without it being properly bound. ALA and DMSA are used most commonly to chelate mercury with Dr Andy Cutler’s protocol. Other chelators may be better with other metals, but not when the focus is on mercury.

How is chelation therapy used to remove heavy metals?

You get the chelating medicine through an intravenous (IV) tube in your arm. It’s also available in pill form. Once the drug has attached to the metal, your body removes them both through your pee. Metals that can be removed with chelation therapy include lead, mercury, and arsenic.

Why doesn’t my mercury level increase with each round of chelation?

The body does not release mercury consistently when you chelate which is why you can get different problems with different rounds, and yet another reason why challenge tests are not informative. All progress achieved with oral chelation should be PERMANENT.