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What companies own oil in Iraq?

What companies own oil in Iraq?

Operations are carried out by the local operating company – the Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) – jointly owned by ADNOC, and the ADPC shareholders: BP, Royal Dutch Shell, ExxonMobil, Total S.A. and Partex; reflecting the historical make-up of the Iraq Petroleum Company.

What is the biggest oil company in Iraq?

Rumaila BP
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Field / block Company Share in field
Rumaila BP 37.5%
Rumaila CNPC 37.5%
Zubair KPRRM 18.81%
Zubair ENI 37.81%

Does Iraqi Kurdistan have oil?

The Kurdistan Region’s oil fields yielded a net of more than 37 million barrels of oil in the fourth quarter of 2021. The barrels sold at an average price of $68.43 a barrel, according to Deloitte’s report. The report is dated March 17, but the Kurdistan Regional Government released it yesterday.

Is Kurdistan rich country?

The Kurdistan region’s economy is dominated by the oil industry, agriculture and tourism….Economy of Kurdistan Region.

GDP $26.5 billion (Nominal, 2015)
GDP growth
GDP per capita $7,000 (Nominal, 2015)
GDP by sector Petroleum industry (80% of revenues)

Are there US oil companies in Iraq?

Exxon Mobil, a major US oil company, has operations in southern Iraq. Britain’s BP and Anglo-Dutch company Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) also work in the region.

Are US oil companies still in Iraq?

Baghdad, Iraq – While the US military has formally ended its occupation of Iraq, some of the largest western oil companies, ExxonMobil, BP and Shell, remain.

Do Kurds have oil?

The Kurdistan Regional Government has developed its own oil and gas sector independently from Baghdad based on a 2007 law and started to independently export crude oil through Turkey in 2014. The KRG oil policy led to disputes with the Baghdad government, which has cut the budget of the region.