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What country owns Bundaberg Rum?

What country owns Bundaberg Rum?

Diageo Australia is the leading premium spirits company in Australia and the proud owner of the Bundaberg Distilling Company. Our success is built on a rich Australian heritage.

Is Bundaberg Rum still Australian owned?

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks is a proud family owned business, based in the small Australian town of Bundaberg. The Flemings family founded the brewery and still run it to this day.

Why is there a polar bear on Bundaberg Rum?

In 1961, the company introduced the polar bear as its unusual choice of mascot, to imply that the rum could ward off the coldest chill.

What countries does Bundaberg Brewed Drinks export to?

From some small sales to New Zealand 30 years ago, Bundaberg now sells its drinks in 44 countries. Solid markets in China, Germany, the UK and South Korea helped push its worldwide sales to A$117 million in 2016. Different laws, social norms and local preferences mean there’s fine-tuning in every market.

Can you get Bundaberg Rum in the UK?

Bundaberg Underproof Rum, 1 L : Grocery.

Is Bundaberg popular in Australia?

The city is sited on a rich coastal plain, supporting one of the nation’s most productive agricultural regions. The area of Bundaberg is the home of the Taribelang-Bunda peoples. Popular nicknames for Bundaberg include “Bundy” and “Rum city”….Bundaberg.

Bundaberg Queensland
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Is Bundaberg Rum sold in America?

Aside from its authenticity – Bundaberg Rum has been made in the Queensland town since 1888 – it has an added advantage as a home-grown brand and, if it is sold overseas, it can be easily identified as a product of Australia….What Countries Does Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Export To?

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Why does Bundaberg Rum taste different?

We’re proudly made in Australia, with the finest sugar cane grown in tropical Queensland’s rich volcanic soil. This is what gives our rum such a distinct flavor and personality. Bundaberg Rum is unlike any other rum on the planet.

Is Bundaberg sold in the US?

Bundaberg Ginger Beer took its first steps into the US a few years ago, selling just approximately 150, 000 bottles in its first year. Bundaberg drinks are being sold in American supermarkets and bars.

Do they sell Bundaberg Rum in America?

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