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What cruise lines leave from Southampton?

What cruise lines leave from Southampton?

Disney Cruises.

  • MSC Cruises.
  • P&O Cruises.
  • Princess Cruises.
  • Azamara.
  • Cunard.
  • Crystal Cruises.
  • A-Rosa River Cruises.
  • Are any cruises going from Southampton?

    From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, no fly cruises from Southampton are a stress-free way to head out into the ocean and see what the world has to offer….Cruise Lines from Southampton.

    Cruise Ship Cruise Line Destinations
    Queen Mary 2 Cunard Transatlantic Voyages and Greece
    Queen Victoria Cunard World Cruises

    Where can you sail to from Southampton?

    Cruises from Southampton sail to some of Europe’s most coveted destinations, including seaside towns in the Mediterranean, the stunning Norwegian Fjords, and Scandinavia and Russia. Cruises from the UK also visit unforgettable ports in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Iceland, Ireland, and the Canary Islands.

    Are P and O cruises Cancelled?

    We are sorry to announce that cruises on Arcadia, Aurora, Azura and Ventura have been cancelled until the end of August 2021 and on Britannia and Iona until late September 2021. We have extended our pause in response to the current restrictions on international travel.

    What time is Iona leaving Southampton?

    Cruise Ship Schedule 2022

    Ship Name Arrival Time Departure Time
    AIDAPRIMA 06-Jun-22 07:30 06-Jun-22 20:00
    ARCADIA 06-Jun-22 07:45 08-Jun-22 16:30
    AURORA 09-Jun-22 TBA 09-Jun-22 TBA
    IONA 11-Jun-22 06:30 11-Jun-22 TBA

    How much is a 4 day Bahama cruise?

    Cheap Bahamas Cruises & Cheap Bahamas Cruise

    Duration Priced from
    4 Nights $109 per person (double occupancy)