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What did Materazzi say to Zidan?

What did Materazzi say to Zidan?

“After the third clash, I frowned and he retorted: ‘I’ll give you my shirt later’. I replied that I’d rather have his sister than his shirt.” So they’re the words from Materazzi that made Zidane see red when the entire world was watching his every move.

What really happened between Zidane and Materazzi?

The two men were at the centre of the final from the off. It was Materazzi’s foul on Florent Malouda that allowed Zidane to open the scoring with a Panenka penalty. The defender made amends for his earlier mistake when he equalised 12 minutes later by heading in from Andrea Pirlo’s corner.

Who did Zidane head Utt?

defender Marco Materazzi
Zinedine Zidane butts Italian defender Marco Materazzi during the 2006 World Cup final.

Who hit Zidane head?

Marco Materazzi
During the final moments of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, France’s captain Zinedine Zidane’s infamous headbutt to Marco Materazzi made heads turn. Here’s a throwback video of the same: Zinedine Zidane remains one of the biggest names in world football.

What did he say to Zidane?

Materazzi’s first remark to Zidane is “no”. Moments later, he tells the Frenchman, according to our lip reader, to “calm down”. Then he called Zidane a “liar” and wished an “ugly death to you and all your family”, on the day Zidane had learned his mother was seriously ill.

Who was killed by Zidane?

Italy defender Marco Materazzi has finally revealed what he said that instigated the infamous Zinedine Zidane headbutt in the Fifa 2006 World Cup final. With the match tied up 1-1 with 10 minutes remaining in extra-time, the French captain was red carded after he head-butted Materazzi in the chest.

Did Zidane headbutt hurt?

Zidane, who before this tournament had already announced that he was retiring after it, head butted Materazzi’s chest after being provoked by the big defender, and a red card was shown. Later the referee revealed all. This sending off affected France and they went on to lose on penalties.

Does Zidane have any siblings?

Lila Zidane
Nourredine ZidaneFarid ZidaneMadjid Zidane
Zinedine Zidane/Siblings

Why did Zidane retire so early?

“I didn’t want to go on for another year. The past two years I haven’t been on top form and that’s no good when you play at a club like Real. “I’m at an age when it’s more and more difficult (to play) every year. I don’t want to spend another year like last year or even the last two years.”

Who is the oldest player on FIFA?

Kazuyoshi Miura
Meet Kazuyoshi Miura. He is almost 55 years old. Most people in an everyday job would be looking towards retirement by that age, and almost every footballer will long since have hung up their boots. But even now, Miura continues to tick along as the oldest professional footballer the world has ever seen.